Coachella Is Offering Inclusion With Free Streaming Via YouTube

Each year, over 200,000 people purchase a ticket to attend the infamous festival of Coachella. At this point in time, the culturally-driven event–that rakes in over $80 million dollars and breaks annual attendance records–will be accompanied by artists like Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Thundercat, Sampha, School Boy Q. Even though we scribble it on our bucket list every new year, the fact remains: some of us just won’t be able to attend. Whether it’s your broke college student status to blame, summer job/internship, or your lack of time, your worries stop here.

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Coachella has announced their free streaming feature via Youtube for what will be the seventh year in a row.  It will include not only 360-degree footage, but also three channels of live performances. So even if you’re too cool to stay home while the event is taking place, you’ll also have the option of seeing your favorite artist on-demand. Pretty much, if you’re not spending a band for a ticket before the April 14th kickoff, there’s no longer any pressure. You now have the luxury of being comfortable and frugal–judgement-free of course.

As we get closer to the date,  stay tuned for more details.


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