Why Complex’s ‘Hot Ones’ Web Series is One of the Greatest Things on the Internet

If you’re a Complex head like most of us, you probably enjoy a range of channels like Complex Hustlefor tips on being knowledgeable to the game of business–  to Complex Sneaker Shoppingto checkout the best sneaker boutiques–and Complex First We Feast’s, Hot Ones, for the raw, filter free interviews.

Hot Ones is one of Complex’s greatest gems, the popular web series brings out public figures ranging from comedians, rappers to famous chefs (anyone who has their hand in the entertainment business pretty much). All for the soul purpose of eating spicy wings, which vary in heat. with host Sean Evans.

As a hot show with hot questions, they start every guest with the easiest level of wing, the basic Sriracha sauce, then to the Hot Ones sauce–which ranks in the middle–and finally, the bottle of “Death” (which must be opened with caution). While each guest loses their mind with the spice of each wing, host Sean Evans explores the deeper meaning of Instagram flicks, lyrics, friendships with other fellow celebrities, animals, as well as any new project they may have out at the moment. Some of the most interesting would have to be their interviews with Danny Brown, Eric Andre,  Kevin Hart, Action Bronson, Joey “Coco” Diaz, and T-Pain.

The idea is so innovative and entertaining, it’s kind of hard not to watch. You can catch the segment weekly but if you’re looking for a good web series, you may have just found it. Peep some of their best episodes below:


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