CULTURE: Five Cool Facts About Donald Glover’s Upcoming New Show, ‘Atlanta’


In a revealing interview with New York Magazine‘s Vulture, Donald Glover shares details about his new show, Atlanta, which premieres on FX on September 6th. Glover recently released two silent trailers for the show that will chronicle the life of Glover and his cousin as they navigate the city of Atlanta in hopes of sparking his rapping career. Glover tells Vulture that he created Atlanta to “show white people, you don’t know everything about black culture”. Atlanta is set to be a classic already with Glover forging the way to put  a relatable representation of modern day black America on television screens.

Read five need-to-know facts about the show and its creation.

1. Donald Glover is a 21st century Renaissance man.

We all knew that Donald Glover was multi-talented starring in popular sitcom, Community, as well as maintaining a growing career as a rapper under Childish Gambino. To add to these roles he also co-wrote, executive produced and stars in Atlanta which is a feat in itself and speaks to his abundant creative abilities.

2. Most of Atlanta was written at Donald Glover’s home in Hollywood.

Deciding to skip out on the traditional network writing room, Glover and his team took up in his home to write most of the first season. Glover preferred this setting so that the writers could “sit around and have conversations” to promote organic dialogue and ideas. By day they would write and by night Glover would continue to make music which is rumored to be premiered at his three-day music festival, Pharos in Joshua Tree, CA.

3. “The entire writing staff is black, which is virtually unheard of in television.”

Glover and his team are making history creating one of the few network televised programs with an entirely Black writing staff. Audiences have complained about the stereotypes and lack of dimension of characters in popular network shows and this is a result of the lack of diversity (of any kind) in the writing room. Glover set out to make sure that was not true for his show. 

4.The director of the show comes from a music video background

Recognize any of the shots in the Atlanta trailer? Hiro Murai has had a five year career as a music video director, known for his work with Earl Sweatshirt, Childish Gambino and Flying Lotus. Despite the fact that Murai has never directed for television, Glover trusts him to execute his vision on this project. We’re sure that Murai will bring an interesting perspective to the Atlanta narrative. 

5. This show is not about “diversity”

Glover is focused on creating content that is funny and relatable. He tells Vulture: “I never wanted this shit to be important. I never wanted this show to be about diversity; all that shit is wack to me.” Glover does not wish to compromise the entertaining nature of the show but still will delve deep into issues that are relevant to the times.

We can’t wait to see what Atlanta has in store. Read the full feature here and watch the trailers below. 

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