STYLE: BAPE Spring/Summer 2017 Lookbook Favorites


BAPE aka A Bathing Ape has been a streetwear, skate wear and high fashion benchmark ever since I can remember. Most recently the ape bathing in luke warm water has released look books for their men’s and women’s collections. I felt that it was only right to showcase and break down a few of my favorite looks from each collection. Get ready because Spring/Summer is coming sooner than the ugly weather outside would like to tell you. Make sure your fits are ready!!



Tiger Camo Tiger Full-Zip Hoodie: The tiger hoodie has taken on a legend of it’s self, it almost lives separately from the rest of the BAPE brand. As a cousin or brother to the ultra popular shark hoodie. Seeing the tiger hoodie dressed up in a nice tiger camouflage with a multicolor embroidery on the hood has “I’M GOING TO BE SOLD OUT VERY QUICKLY SO BUY ME ASAP, FIND SOMEONE TO STAND IN LINE OR PAY INCREASED RESALE” all over it.



BAPE Flame Polo: This items reminds me of the mid 90s seeing all the skate kids around Albany crashing and burning on their skateboards around Lark Street. It almost resembles a piece PALACE dropped recently but it’s okay, we won’t tell anyone.



Baby Milo tee and Shark Hoodie: This is that “on my way to the beach” fit right here. The Baby Milo all over print/yellow shark hoodie with the pink on white Baby Milo tee is a perfect match. Very clean look here.



Shark Denim Jacket: I don’t remember seeing Bape ever make a denim jacket….let alone incorporating the shark face on it. I wish it was done a little more extravagantly and gaudy, but I’m not mad at them keeping it subtle either.



Purple Camo Quarter-Zip & Camp Cap: This one is for all the road man dem in London, if you’re a fan of BAPE and a fan of Section Boyz or Skepta then you’ll love these pieces right here.



BAPE Pink Coaches Jacket and Slip-On’s: One thing I always love to see is seeing women dressed in menswear. A Bathing Ape got super smart on us and made womenswear that looks like great menswear. The white button up, the pink coaches jacket, and the slip-ons are great, clean look and some rather impressive pieces I wouldn’t mind buying a nice little honey dip.



Camo Shark Hoodie: As I mentioned earlier, the shark hoodie is literally on a planet by itself in terms of BAPE. The camo shark hoodie adds another level of hype to it. I’m almost positive this piece will not sit in stores for long…if it sits at all.



Rainbow logo tee: I’m honestly upset that this shirt isn’t releasing in men sizes. Very upset actually. The flame hoodie looks amazing with it too.


Purple Camo BAPESTA Sneakers: If you remember BAPE glory days, you know how sought after anything riddled with purple camouflage is. I’m sure these sneakers are going to fly off of shelves once they arrive in-store this Spring.



BAPE Hockey Jersey & Zip Skirt: A lot of people know and respect A Bathing Ape for their bright colors and camo prints but I love when the brand can tone it down, get dark and still come off with really nice and clean pieces. I like this look.


Yellow Flame BAPE Tee: This whole look is honestly IT!!! Very boss, skater chick chic, the baggy sweats, the belt…everything here is great. I would not be upset if I saw a gang of girls dressed like this once the warmer months present themselves.



Split Full-Zip Hoodie: I am a sucker for color blocking, this grey/pink split/colorblock full-zip hoodie is perfect. I actually want to buy this for my mother.


bape-2017-spring-summer-lookbook-17 bape-2017-spring-summer-lookbook-18

Glow In The Dark Camo: One of the biggest things within this season’s collection for BAPE is their glow in the dark white/grey camo pieces. The sweats, the polo…extremely impressive. Just don’t be obnoxious and wear the whole outfit to the club…please.



1993 BAPE Romper: This look just screams “GOTH SCHOOL GIRL” to me, it reminds me a lot of The Craft, which happens to be one of my favorite movies ever. Salute to the team at A Bathing Ape for blessing the ladies with this item.

All in all this is one of the most impressive collections I’ve seen since Nigo left his seat at the helm of the brand a number of years ago. I’m not sure who’s the head of the brand now but I am impressed at the growth I’m seeing and I’m looking forward to seeing the brand get back to the monumental pieces they used to make in the glory days. Look for these items to start arriving online and in-store in the coming weeks/months.


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