Classic Moments From Type O Negative’s Peter Steele


January 4th, would have marked Peter Steele‘s 55th birthday. The late Vampire-esque rock legend is most notably known as being the front man for goth metal/doom metal band Type O Negative. Born in Brooklyn, the band often times referred to themselves as The Drab Four or The Lords of Flatbush.

I felt it would only be proper to pay a fellow Capricorn the respect he deserves by listing off a few of my favorite songs and videos by the band, as well as a couple iconic moments via The Green Man himself Peter Steele. So if you’re not already familiar with these guys, here’s your crash course. I’m sure most of you reading this, especially in New York need something a little moody to get you through these nasty, snowy winter days.

Here’s our classic Peter Steele picks. Enjoy.

Type O Negative – “Christian Woman”

As amazing as the video version of this song is, I urge all of you to listen to the album version from their 1993 release Bloody Kisses. The song clocks in at about 9 minutes and is just beautifully written, played and sung by The Drab Four. Much of Type O’s music involves dark romanticism, religious themes and controversy, this song covers all bases. It’s dark enough to scare your parents and sexy enough to seduce a lover.

Type O Negative – “Love You To Death”


From their 1996 release October Rust, the album version of “Love You To Death” is a 7 minute and 15 second brooding, brutal and blood boiling ballad. Pete confidently and iconically admits and touts his admiration and love for this woman and begs her to let him love her to death. Again playing within the theme of dark romanticism. I sometimes feel like Peter Steele could have written a how-to-book coaching slightly awkward and dark men such as myself on how to land their secret admire swiftly without looking like a big dope. Thank you Uncle Pete, you taught me a lot.

Type O Negative – Be My Druidess

Also coming from the October Rust album, “Be My Druidess” is a sexy, groove jam that furthers the love confession that was announced in “Love You To Death” it’s a perfect 1,2 combo to be quite honest. I can actually admit that I’ve played this song for quite a few potential prospects while courting them. Pete’s lyricism and writing skill within this song in particular is top notch. I urge all of you to read the lyrics along with the song and tell me if I’m exaggerating.

Type O Negative – My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend

By now I think it’s safe to say all of you are seeing that Pete had a very interesting love life. The ladies loved him and he loved them right back. The song “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” is an amazing tale of him, his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s girlfriend all having a lusty love triangle, a triple threat match if you will. Which is amazing thinking about the time we’re in now…rap songs speak on this same topic all the time. However I’m sure in 1996 this topic wasn’t so common, however when laced with great melodies and grooves I’m almost positive nobody ever noticed how sexually intense this song was. Just another parallel between rock music and rap music.

Peter Steele On Jerry Springer


Remember when I said Pete loved the ladies and he loved them back? Well around 1994 The Green Man went to visit Jerry Springer to discuss his healthy appetite for groupies and even told a story about how one Christmas Eve a groupie came to his home naked, only wearing red pumps and a Santa Clause hat…only to be greeted by his mom and not Steele himself. Very hilarious indeed. Pete’s sense of humor is classic and this clip definitely shows that. Pete also posed for PlayGirl Magazine around this time. You’ll have to google those images on your own. (lol) Peter was a guy who took pride in his appearance, making sure you got something visually appealing every time you went and saw Type O live, so it’s not surprising he got a reaction like this out of women and even some men.

Type O Negative on MTV’s Headbangers Ball

A very classic clip from November 14, 1994. Type O Negative (Pete Steele and Josh Silver) went on MTV’s now defunct haven for heavy metal/hard rock music Headbangers Ball to promote their Bloody Kisses album. Headbangers Ball is one of the shows I just wish MTV Classic would run old episodes of. I’m sure they still have all the tapes, I’d really like to see these interviews and videos on live television in 2017. It’d really make my day.


These are just a few of my favorite moments from Peter Steele/Type O Negative. Pete specifically is one of my pop culture idols and it’s a shame I’ve never got to meet him. However I find solace in knowing he was a lot like me, so it’s my life mission to be considered one of most beautiful men on the planet as he was, but also be admired for my work and being a bit of an awkward man. Thank you Uncle Pete and Happy Birthday!!! R.I.P.

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