CULTURE: Explore The Psychology Behind Color in Film


Lilly Mtz-Seara illustrates femininity, passion and warmth through color in her new film.

Have you ever noticed how fast-food restaurants are all generally yellow and red? Everyone is familiar with McDonalds’ golden arches, but what exactly do these colors mean to the human eye?

It is known that red and yellow make you feel uncomfortable. According to theory behind color, red is associated with violence and yellow is associated with insecurity. These colors make us move faster which inherently allows fast-food to be that much more convenient.

By the use of particular shades of pinks, reds or yellows, artists like filmmakers can manipulate what the audience is feeling.

Below, film-maker Lilly Mtz-Seara provides us with a clean visual breakdown of the psychology behind it all.

Also, shout out Nef for her awesome cool Instagram, which originally introduced us to the theory of color in film.

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