CULTURE: Pharrell Williams & Takashi Murakami Chair Debut ComplexCon Festival


Right on the heels of their acquisition by Verizon and Hearst, COMPLEX Media announce a new cultural festival to be hosted this fall. “ComplexCon” will feature a cultural merging of food, music, art and fashion, and has already enlisted the likes of Pharrell Williams and Takashi Murakami to bring this vision to life. The two reported an instant connection with Marc Ecko when he approached them separately proposing the idea and seeking their collaboration and both Williams and Murakami are excited to take it on. Williams will be serving on the planning committee as cultural director and host committee chair, while Murakami will manage ComplexCon’s brand identity.

The festival will be taking place at the Long Beach Convention Center in California from November 5-6, and tickets will go for $35 for one day and $60 USD for both. Those in attendance can expect anything from panels, art, shopping, food, sports and even live concerts, although the concerts will come with their own fee separate from the admission price.

In the words of Takashi, “It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. I hope it will turn into something crazy.” Stay tuned for any additional information to be released on the first ever ComplexCon.

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