D.R.A.M. Starts His Year Off By Linking Up With PETA

D.R.A.M.‘s creation of “Broccoli” along  with Lil Yachty’s assistance gave us nothing short of magic in the club this past year . Not only did the song  provide us with a reason to diddy bop but the single earned it’s way to DOUBLE platinum,  earned numerous award nominations, and as of recently a partnership with PETA. No D.R.A.M isn’t posing naked on an LA billboard but he is informing us on a different avenue of green, broccoli that is .

In a recent video, the Virginia star is chillin’ with the homies and is enthusiastic about his new supply that he copped from the white hair lady at the farmers market. Being that there is no plug in the world who is casually chillin’ at a farmers market (outside of maybe Cali and Florida), his friends were not buying it. Even when D.R.A.M says he copped a pound, they still weren’t interested that is until he comes around with a plate of broccoli and the vibe change takes a shift for the better.

Peep the artist as he brings out his funny side for a dope cause below.


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