Dave Chappelle Takes Over SNL And Delivers What The Country Needs


Legendary comedian, Dave Chappelle returned to the small screen for the first time in years on Saturday Night Live. The occasion was highly anticipated for two reasons:

1.) We all miss the comedy we grew up with.

2.) Thanks to the outcome of the 2016, we knew Chappelle would have something incisive to say.

And he didn’t disappoint!

He gave the country exactly what it needed–and by country, I mean even those who voted for Trump. His messages, stand up and comedy sketches were something important for all of America to hear. The opener of the show was a cocktail of relief, reflection, reality and buoyancy. It cemented what makes Dave Chappelle stand apart from other comedians and what grants him his own lane–his ability to speak for his culture while making everyone receptive the ills of society with laughter. He’s not afraid to discuss what we’re afraid to.

The climax of his monologue ended with a hopeful yet weighty line:

“I’m wishing Donald Trump luck. I’m going to give him a chance. And we, the historically disenfranchised, demand that he give us one too.”

Catch the video below:

SNL alum, Chris Rock joins Chappelle in a skit depicting election night:

Dave Chappelle rounds up classic characters from Chappelle’s Show for this The Walking Dead skit.


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