Despite the Drake vs Pusha T Beef, Here’s Why You Should Give “Daytona” a spin.



Social media has been a mess since Pusha T released his album Daytona. Between using the late Whitney Houston’s bathroom as a cover art, him throwing shots at Drake, Drake firing back and then Pusha giving it an “end all” there’s a lot going on and King Push seems to never disappoint. The rapper, member of Clipse and Re-Up Gang, activist for prison reform, designer, and G.O.O.D Music President has remained faithful to the mic for almost three decades and there is no signs of him slowing down, but actually the opposite.  Virginia’s very own King Push recently released his third solo studio album or which you could call a conversation piece, entitled Daytona. N0w according to what was just recently announced on his new Beats 1 radio show (King Push Radio), the album was originally going to be called King Push, but as the rapper placed more and more time into the project, he decided to go with Daytona. According to Push, Daytona Rolex is his favorite watch and that Kanye (who executively produced the album) and him wanted to convey the “luxury of time”  to his listeners. The album is 7 tracks long, took a year and a half to find samples for and write (according to Ye), and luckily for us, Pusha breaks down a couple things within the album and even sheds light on the fickle appreciation of his work ethic within hip-hop.


Listen to “Pusha-T explains “Come Back Baby” and its meaning, and taking a break from music” posted by Beats 1 Timeline on Apple Music.

Pusha T explains the meaning behind “Come Back Baby” and taking a break from music



In the beginning of his radio show, Pusha decides to go ahead and jump into the meaning of one of his highly favored tracks “Come Back Baby”. In light of keeping it real and insightful for his listeners, Pusha explains that this track  address the on and off appreciation for Pusha’s street influenced lyricism and content. He goes on to state that the song speaks to the people on social media that have complained about this aspect within his music but have turned back around ( in the midst of him drifting away from music , jumping on to the record executive role, and doing work for prison reform) just to ask him to come back. He closes out his explanation by simply explaining that the track is called “Come back baby that’s what it’s about, bc y’all keep begging me to come back cause y’all need that mother f*cking fix” in clever Push T fashion.


Listen to “Pusha-T talks his track, “What Would Meek Do,” and why Meek Mill isn’t on it” posted by Beats 1 Timeline on Apple Music.

Pusha T talks his track, “What Would Meek Mill Do,” and why Meek Mill isn’t on the song

The next song Pusha goes to explain was “What Would Meek Do?” featuring Kanye West. Push explains that as soon as he heard the beat, he wanted Meek on the track but he was unfortunately  incarcerated at the time. Push goes on to say that Kanye had just wrapped up his verse on the track when the news had broke of Meek being freed from jail (coincidentally). Push adds that he couldn’t bring himself to ask Meek to lay a verse on the track being that he had just arrived back to his home. He closes out the explanation of the track by announcing a fun fact about Meek. He states that Meek actually did a wheelie in Clipse’s 2003 video for “Hot Damn,” which took place right in Meek’s hometown of Philly.


When you listen to the album, there’s a couple things he addresses. The first thing Push T address is deserving more than just one eye on him (meaning he’s earned enough stripes to be considered as one of Rap’s best MCs ), he doesn’t juggle flows to achieve acceptance by pointless award shows, addressses rappers that don’t write their bars, operating as a dope boy in the past (reason why we also call him “Pusha Man”), ghost writing and label issues that surround certain peers, and the changes he’s taking notice of within the game he’s apart of. To hear the Daytona album, its available on all main streaming platforms (Apple, Tidal, Spotify)and if you want more insight into the album, peep Pusha T’s latest interview with Genius below.


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