Dining With Gucci: Fashion Empire Opens Restaurant In Italy

It appears that Gucci wants your money in more than one way, as the Italian company opens their first restaurant, Gucci Osteria. The brand announced yesterday that their concept store, Gucci Garden in Italy will also sell food. Pasta, to be exact. Massimo Bottura of the Modena-based Osteria Francescana will run the restaurant.

Gucci Garden opened its doors on Tuesday, January 9, at the Gucci Museo, originally opened at ancient Palazzo della Mercanzia in 2011. However, there is a whole history lesson behind the building that turns out to be a very important landmark in Italy. Too much to explain here. The new complex is also home to an exhibition showcasing archives from the brand and selling one-of-a-kind pieces. The interactive experience will consist of the concept a gallery meets boutique with food on the side.

Gucci joins the ranks of Ralph Lauren, Versace, Giorgio Armani, and Tiffany & Co.’s latest Blue Box Café. “The restaurant is a reminder that Florence has always been a center of cultural exchange, particularly during the Renaissance,” Bottura says. The menu includes italian dishes like, Parmigiano Reggiano tortellini and mushroom risotto and other really hard to pronounce dishes. But on the bright side, all the dishes on the menu are reasonably 20-30 euros per item. Which is about $25-36 in USD.

Gucci’s CEO Marco Bizzarri and Bottura are childhood friends, according to Vogue Italia. Bizzarri invited Bottura to take over the ground floor of the palazzo. Chef Ana Karime Lopez Kondo, married to the Taka Kondo, a chef of Osteria Francescana, will run the kitchen. If you ever happen to be in Italy, a ticket to enter will cost you about 8 euro (about $9.55). However, half of each ticket price is donated towards supporting various restoration projects around the city of Florence.


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