Diversity In The Beauty Industry Advocate Nyma Tang Will Be Launching Her Own Custom Lipstick With M.A.C Cosmetics

The history of lack of representation in the beauty industry has been a hot topic lately. With the drop of a line like Fenty Beauty, that to almost every skin type and color known to man a lot of us are angry and resentful and are stuck wondering what took them so long? Energy is everything and over here at Vashtie.com, we are all about positivity and copacetic vibes. Although we want to harp on the reasons why companies are not catering towards every skin tone you would do yourself more internal and external justice if we continue to advocate but also support and uplift companies that are making an effort to bring forth change.

By the looks of it, major companies are getting it together and are starting to look beyond the threshold and “normal” side of the spectrum. Nyma Tang who is a beauty vlogger who has been advocating for this change is apart of this movement. The blogger announced via Instagram that she will be creating her own custom lipstick shade with M.A.C Cosmetics.


“I created my dream red lipstick and I can’t wait to share it with you guys,” Tang wrote in an Instagram post.

Tang launched a YouTube series called “The Darkest Shade” in 2017. This series involves Tang taking the darkest color of foundations and cancelers and matching it to her own complexion to see if it is a good for her skin tone. Her channel challenges beauty standards and brands and showcases the truth about what is available for women of darker skin tone. Her channel also helps women learn how to color match themselves which is always a tricky and tedious task, especially for women of color. Look out for this drop and many others to come with M.A.C Cosmetics.

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