DJ Premier Taps Miguel For Funky New Single “2 Lovin U”

It’s been nearly two years since Miguel’s Wildheart came and went off of our radar. Since then, the songwriter has gone on to bless us with SoundCloud loosies and a rolodex of bold features. Fortunately for fans, however, Miguel is revisiting his 2015 effort to unleash an alternate version of “Damned,” produced by the legendary DJ Premier.

In tune with Preemo’s signature sound, “2 Lovin U” is an eclectic blend of funk and hip-hop complemented by Miguel’s warm vocals. Initially, the single was to be featured on the “Adorn” singer’s third studio album but never made the final cut.

“The snippet you heard on Miguel’s Instagram, mine is the original,” Premier revealed in a press release.

“Miguel and I were vibing at a session and just really seeing what we could come up with. What we came up with was a dope, but rough version of what you hear today.”

The duo faced minor setbacks during the recording process and weren’t able to release it up until now. The song, however, made its timely debut on SportsCenter and First Take on Valentine’s Day.

“Miguel and I had deadlines and we never got around to finishing it,” Premier added.

“We both really believed in this version of the track and we both felt very strongly that it needed to come out and be released as a single. Miguel and I approached the label about releasing it and everyone was on-board.”

The revised version, which features Miguel’s “Damned” lyrics, is the first release from Premier’s new label To The Top (TTT). But, that’s not all the singer and producer have in store.

“The track having a different title gives it a new light,” Premier added. “Wait until you see the video!”

Listen to the funky love ballad below.

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