Doin’ It Well: 5 Essential Yoga Tools for Beginners


Back in November Vashtie took a tour of the popular hip- hop yoga studio Y7 with owner Sarah Larson Levey. During her visit she participated in one hell of a hot yoga class. Here at we like to encourage and inspire, with that being said its 2017.

As with any sport, yoga can be intimidating to the beginner—especially considering poses like Royal Dancer and Crane. Fortunately, your core strength, flexibility and mindset are all skills that can be developed over time. For those of you new to the yoga arena, there are a few key pieces of equipment that may help you feel more at ease as you get started

There is no need to go overboard and spend $200 for something that may or may not work for you.  So along with our list of essentials we have included some affordable options.

Yoga Mat


An essential for any yogi. With all of the exercises you’ll be doing on the floor, a good mat will keep you comfortable and safe.

Try the Tapas Travel Yoga Mat at

Yoga Block


This is a great tool for beginners. Blocks help you get into poses and maintain appropriate posture when you can’t quite reach the floor.

Try the Gaiam Tri-Color Yoga Block at

Yoga Belt


Belts are another great tool for beginners which help get you into positions when you’re still developing your flexibility.

Try the GOGO 6ft Yoga Buckle Strap at

Yoga Towel


Yoga towels can be great especially if you’re looking to try Bikram yoga. Not only do they help eliminate bacteria from your sweat, but they are often used as support in certain poses.

Check out the Aurorae Yoga Towel at

Or, get them all in one with The Valeo Yoga Kit (includes mat, 2 blocks, belt and tote) at


Your attire during yoga can make the difference between comfort and discomfort, full range of motion and poor range of motion. Stores like Old Navy, Target and Walmart all offer a number of pieces at affordable prices to meet your needs. Try these to start:

Capris: Danskin’s Now Dri-More Capri Pant at

Pants: Champion’s C9 Zen Yoga Pant at

Tanks: Champion’s Double Dry Racerback Workout Tank at

Pullover: Old Navy‘s Women’s Lightweight Pullover Hoodie

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