DOIN IT WELL: The Healing Powers of Herbs

Note: We advise seeking proper consultation and recipes before trying home remedies with herbs. We are not doctors– just providing useful information for people who choose to attempt a healthier lifestyle.

Getting sick is almost inevitable– especially when the seasons change. When this happens, we put all of these medicines into our bodies that, sometimes, give us uncomforting side effects that make us feel even worse. We often forget that nature is quite possibly our best medicine ever. Using herbs and plants as medicine–also known as herbalism– is more common than you think. It has been practiced for many years by the indigenous, Chinese, Egyptians and more. Something as simple as drinking tea when your throat hurts is considered herbalism.

The good news is we can still use nature as medicine! For minor illnesses, there is at least one plant that could help relieve you. Using nature as medicine is affordable, less risky and amazingly powerful and effective.

We learned about the great benefits of apple cider vinegar and learned about the amazing benefits of gardening. Now, check out some healing herbs that you can keep in your spice cabinet or grow right in your garden below!:

Basil – helps with asthma, stress and decreasing blood sugar.

Chamomile – calming element for skin, stomach and anxiety.

Echinacea – soothes skin, treats wounds, helps cure colds.

Lavender – therapeutic, relieves headaches, has antibacterial properties.

Sage – relieves respiratory issues, improves appetite, helps with premenstrual syndrome.

Rosemary-  improves memory.

Thyme – relieves chest congestion and asthma, helps with tonsillitis and other throat infections.

Peppermint – calms upset stomach, helps prevent nausea, relieves headaches and muscle cramps.

Aloe Vera – soothing skin issues and helps with digestive issues.

Turmeric – helps digestive tract, relieves arthritic pain, helps your brain.

Ginger – decreases blood pressure, soothes stomach, helps nausea.

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