DOIN’ IT WELL: The Secrets of Salve

heal all salve with calendula

This year the second the ball dropped on New Years Day, so did the temperature. With a cold winter it’s important to bundle up and protect your skin! This year one of my resolutions was to find more natural alternatives, so instead of reaching for lotion or body butter to combat these dry winter days, try using salve.

What is Salve?

So the first thing to cover is what exactly is salve. A salve is a cream that is used to soothe or heal part of the body that is excessively dry, irritated, burned, or wounded. It is made up from a base of oils (usually coconut oi and beeswax. In addition, other ingredients such as essential oils, vitamin E, butters, and herbs. The biggest difference between salves and other moisturizers such as lotions is that it does not contain water or added preservatives (except for beeswax which is a natural alternative). The lack of water gives salve a long self life.


Benefits of Salve

Salve is used to heal skin, but the ways in which it does so are almost never ending. A salve can heal dry skin, burns, acne, and minor wounds. Depending on which herbs and essential oils are used the effects of the salve differs.

Some herbs/oils  and their benefits include:

Peppermint – decongestant, fever reducer

Lavender – calming properties, insomnia, muscle pain relief

Calendula – all around healing properties

Comfrey – bruises, pain, sore muscles, minor cuts

Rosemary – acne, headaches, aching joints

Neem Oil – acne reduces inflammation

Rose – relive tired cramped muscles, stress relief

Chamomile – calming, acne reducing, toner

Aloe – burns, minor cuts

Plantian – wound healing

To find some recipes using these natural ingredients to make your own salve visit Hello Glow!


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