DOIN’ IT WELL: Teyana Taylor Motivates Us All To Get Our Fitness Right

Teyana Taylor, Fade, Music Video

So by now you’ve stared at yourself in the mirror and cried after seeing Teyana Taylor’s killer bod in the latest Kanye West video, “Fade”. I know, I know it hurts. It hurt me this morning to look at a stack of pancakes and say, “Nah.” And it hurt even more to squat myself into oblivion at the gym last night.

But… I mean… it’s all for the results.

Teyana Taylor had all of the world wrapped around her finger by the end of the VMA’s. Google her name right now and you’ll find a slew of articles shelling out facts about her and her workout regimen. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to find there–as Teyana claims her muscle tone is more of a product of genetics vs. dieting and exercise. We know the lot of us can’t say the same, so we’ve got a few helpful tips to get/or keep your summer time fine all year round.

Surround yourself with motivation: It’s been proven that creating an encouraging environment can help with motivation for even the most daunting tasks. Putting post-it’s on your walls or even your mirrors, following inspiring pages on Instagram (that make you feel BETTER, not WORSE), or even listening to music that inspires you to get moving. Sometimes it’s as simple as setting the tone.

Create a reasonable diet: They say eighty percent of abs are created in the kitchen, and much of that is true. There isn’t one designated diet for the human race. So, choose a great plan to optimize energy and health per your needs. However, don’t forget moderation is key. You’re free to indulge in some cheat day(s) treats. Limiting too much will surely send you into a carb relapse instead of making a long term beneficial change.

Get an accountability partner/workout buddy: There’s strength in numbers. Sometimes it helps to have energy to feed off of. It keeps you motivated and less prone to give in to that little nagging voice in your head. Class room settings like dance, yoga, boot camps and hiking groups make daily exercise a little bit more effortless. Plus the camaraderie you develop with other members is sure to keep you returning back.

Lay out your workout clothes the day before (… or sleep in them!): If you have an issue with self starting and staying on track with your workout schedule, try laying out your clothes as a stark reminder to get moving. It’s so easy to get lost in a day of tasks and responsibilities–but if you push yourself to put your physical health first you’ll set a standard for the rest of your day.

Remember why you started: Take a look at that GIF. Isn’t that reason enough? But seriously, when you hit the pavement, keep in mind why you began–to be a better you. There is nothing better than health, and without it we can’t go on about our dreams and luxuries. It’s the foundation of our lives. Be proud of your body and give thanks to it by preserving its functions. Stay mindful of what you feed it and expose it to. Good incoming energy will bring awesome outgoing energy.

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