#DoingItWell: Red Wine Is Good For You: Here Is A List Of The Best Red Wine’s For A Healthy Lifestyle

National wine day has passed, and we were lit over here at Vashtie.com for a multiple of reasons. We love a great cocktail and a good time but we are even more obsessed with being healthy and treating our body well. Twitter was super surprised when a viral news story went out stating that wine is actually really good for you and your health!  Whenever we think about alcohol we assume that it is bad for our bodies and filled with loads of calories, but red wine has plenty of health benefits.

The French who are known for enjoying the finer things in life and overindulging in wine and amazing food ironically have half the incidence of heart disease when compared to the U.S. What are they doing that we aren’t? Well, they are drinking RED WINE.

Why Is Red Wine Good For You?

Red wine contains compounds called Flavonoids which inhibit oxidation of LDL  (Low-density lipoprotein) otherwise known as bad cholesterol. This basically means that red wine helps in blocking the formation of fat cells. Flavonoids are polyphenolic antioxidants that come from the seeds and skin of grapes. Red wine also contains resveratrol, a polyphenolic that helps with:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties, which prevent LDL oxidation and make it difficult for blood platelets to stick together and lead to clotting and heart attacks.
  • Protection of nerve cells from damage and plaque buildup, common causes of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Resveratrol is believed to prevent insulin resistance and protect against diabetes.
  • Resveratrol may also prevent cancer cells from spreading.

All of these benefits have been in heavy research for years and doctors say that there is nothing wrong with drinking red wine in moderation. Moderation means no more than 5 ounces a day for women and 10 ounces a day for men. The key to a healthy lifestyle is self-control, moderation, and self-discipline. Now just because they say that red wine is good for you does not mean that you can just go and cop the cheapest red wine from the corner store and down a whole bottle! It is indeed true that certain red wines are better than others. Here is a list of the best red wines for your health. If you decide to cop any of these bottles make sure they are organic as well! Any of these wines are perfect for after a long day of work or a relaxing “Sunday Funday” hang out with the boyz. Enjoy!

Pinot  Nior

Pinot’s are made in cool and wet climates. They contain the highest amounts of resveratrol. We suggest that you get your Pinot Noir from traditional wineries rather than large vineyards. Larger more commercial vineyards tend to have lower resveratrol concentrations. Some of the best organic finds would be Adobe Pinot Noir ReservaDomaine de Brau ‘Pure’ Pinot Noir, and IGP Val de Loire Alias Pinot Noir No Added Sulphur.

Cabernet Saviougon

Cab’s are made from Red Tannat grapes, these wines have a high amount of procyanidins. Procyanidins are polyphenols that benefit inflammation and blood clots, which ultimately help improve blood flow. One of the best organic brands is Bonterra Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon.


Madiran wines are also made from Tannat grapes so they contain a high level of procyanidins very similar to Cabernet Saviougons. The best of these types of wines com from Sardinia, southwestern France, and Italy.


Merlot is made of black grapes with dark blue skins so they are super rich in procyanidins. A great organic brand to try is Lapostolle Casa Merlot.


Shiraz is another great wine that is often passed up in the grocery store. It contains very high levels of procyanidins. These wines are grown all over the world and may be flavored with blackcurrants. Yalumba is a great organic brand of Shiraz.


Barbera is a super versatile wine from Italy but it now widely proceeds in California. It provides the same health benefits as Merlot but is not as popular, so cop this and put your friends on to some new ish! It also contains another phenolic antioxidant called trans-piceatannol.

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