#DoinItWell: You Probably Should Have Took A Cold Shower This Morning

Something as simple as changing the temperature of the water you shower in can have a dramatic impact on your life. This wellness tip is not a fad or trend, the remedy has proven to be advantageous for mental and physical health for years. If you’ll consider indulging in discomfort a few minutes each day; the following are some reasons that make it all worth it.

Strengthened Immunity and Circulation

One of the more obvious results for some. “Cold water can improve circulation by encouraging blood to surround our organs, which can then help combat some problems of the skin and heart. As cold water hits the body, the ability to get the blood circulating leads the arteries to more efficiently pump blood, therefore boosting our overall heart health” (Medical Daily).

 Stimulate Weight Loss

Showers, unfortunately, can’t replace the gym but it may offer some assistance. Within our bodies, there are two types of fat tissue which include “white fat” and “brown fat.” While our bodies try to generate heat back into our bodies it is activating the brown fats; the shock from the exposure to cold water promotes activity in those areas. You can lose an extra nine pounds of fat over a year by adding cold showers into your day.

 Relieves Stress & Depression

Healthline states, “For people with depression, cold showers can work as a kind of gentle electroshock therapy. The cold water sends many electrical impulses to your brain. They jolt your system to increase alertness, clarity, and energy levels. Endorphins, which are sometimes called happiness hormones, are also released. This effect leads to feelings of well-being and optimism.”

Increased Alertness

The deep breathing in response to our body’s shock helps to keep us warm and increase our overall oxygen intake. Therefore, our organs get all the air they need, and our heart rates will increase, releasing a rush of blood through our entire body and giving a natural dose of energy for the day.

Lymphatic Movement

 The lymphatic system takes waste from our cells to help fight off diseases. “Cold showers cause your entire body to contract and this forces your lymphatic system to push lymph fluids throughout your body, stopping them from pooling in one part of the body as they would if the lymphatic system were compromised or inefficient”(Impossible HQ).



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