#DoinItWellWednesday: Wu-Tang Partners With White Castle For A Vegan Slider

Fast food may be one of the quickest options when you’re on the go, but let’s face it, it may not be the healthiest. We all love a good burger and fries, so when we choose to indulge, it’s vegan. Your favorite fast food joint, White Castle has teamed up with hip hop icons Wu-Tang, to bring something special for all the vegan fast food lovers: A vegan slider. The Impossible slider will make its way through several locations nationwide along with long time vegan RZA supporting the cause.

Adding the Impossible Slider to menu will allow a healthier option to the staple White Castle menu. Even those who aren’t vegan or committed to a healthy lifestyle can try the plant based patty without the fear of trying a vegan restaurant. After the Impossible Slider launch in April at 140 locations, many reported that over 300 patties were sold per day. The Wu-Tang supported expansion will place the vegan-friendly burger to all 377 locations.

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