If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Drake, Reebok, NBA Finals & More

1. Reebok has been on a constant move lately bringing the style, culture, and authenticity of artists to the surface from Kung-fu Kenny [Kendrick Lamar] to Teyana Taylor. This past Friday,the classic sneaker brand teamed up with Los Angeles based designer Melody Ehsani who has made a name for herself in the industry for her jewelry and apparel (that are more like conversation pieces ) that is giving us all kind of life and ultimately what we needed for the culture, empowerment . The designer who often features pieces revolving around the power of the people (whether your black, a female, or a misfit in your community), truly makes a stamp on this collection forming the Me X Reebok Pony Hair Princess Shoe (with Nefertiti face on it), muscle tanks featuring a combination symbol of a black fist and the symbol of a female, a military shirt dress with Nefertiti on the back, tennis skirts, jumpsuits, and much more. This is bigger than just a collaboration, it’s a celebration for the culture.

2. If you’ve been paying attention to the NBA Finals ,it’s been the definition of humble on and off the court to say the least  as well as those complex moments of just  “d*mn, is this really happening?”. Game 1 and 2 for the eastern conference consisted of wins from the Cleveland Cavaliers while the Boston Celtics had us all shook last night for Game 3. Game 4 will be held this Tuesday in Cleveland. As for the western conference, the Golden State Warriors take on the lead 3-0 with the San Antonio Spurs. Game 4 will be held tonight at 9pm at the Spur’s stadium. Let the games and memes continue.

3.Last night Drake not only took  home Top Male Artist during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards held in Sin City, but he also gave us the performance we’ve been waiting for. During the performance, he decided to give us More Life by performing “Gyalchester” off the critically acclaimed album wearing all white, no ice blue mink, jumping on top of water with surrounding pits of fire. It’s safe to say that the performance was as epic as we needed it to be.

4. If you don’t know what Black Twitter is, perhaps your just out of touch. Black Twitter puts the life in Twitter, the entertain in entertainment, and ultimately the pop in pop culture. With much that has derived from the Black Twitter community, Twitter has taken notice as well as BET.  With that being said, these two influential outlets are joining up to solidify a new project that will analyze the top hashtags through tweets and retweets that have been formed via Twitter since 2014. The results are set to be releasing next month, but this is definitely a MAJOR move that you might want to keep your eyes on.

Questions that need answers (vid @heyamine)

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5. You ever had that moment where your just questioning the purpose and the construct of any and everything ? Like what is paying taxes doing or us ? What was God thinking process for the placement of eyebrows and hair in general? What is the purpose of why things are why they are ?  These are questions that need answers and Aminé is not afraid to look in the mirror to reflect on those questions. Some say he’s on his Jaden Smith, we say he’s on to something. Stay woke.


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