If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Joey Bada$$, Travis Scott x Quavo, Petra Collins & More!

1. Joey Badass Talks About New Album on OTHERtone

Our favorite controversial rapper, Joey Bada$$, stopped by OTHERtone last Firday to speak to Pharrell Williams about his upcoming album, All-AMERIKKKAN Badass. With some comparisons to Tupac, Pharrell made sure to show Joey much love and respect for being brave, outspoken, and what hip-hop needs right now. Joey also touched on executive producing his album, creating an album reflective of our country’s political/social climate and working on it for over a year.

Check out a clip of the interview below!

2. Lil’ Wayne and Kehlani jump on the remix of Khalid’s “Location”

Since Khalid has dropped his album, he’s definitely taken off fast. He made his first television debut on Jimmy Fallon on Friday and also performed at SXSW over the weekend. Not only has Khalid been busy performing, but Kehlani and Lil’ Wayne joined forces to make his breakout single even more of a banger. Check out the remix above!

3. Rock Legend Chuck Berry Dies

Over the weekend, guitarist, singer, songwriter–but most of all, rock legend–Chuck Berry passed away. He’s inspired so many of our cherished legendary artists, such as The Beatles, and some of our more contemporary artists like Michael Jackson. Chuck Berry was one of the first ten artists to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His talent, lyricism and pioneering legacy will forever be remembered.

4. Travis Scott x Quavo Album???

On episode seven of Travis Scott’s Beats1 show, .WAV, Quavo experienced a slip of the tongue, telling us there will be a “Quavo album right after we get that Quavo and Travis album.” At first it seemed as though this may have been a possible joke, then Travis Scott followed up with a tweet confirming there could be a possible collaboration in the works. So what shall we call this collaboration? #Quavis? #Travo? Looks like Travis is calling it “Huncho x Cactus Jack.” We’re here for it either way!

5. Petra Collins Has Feminist Art Show, In Search Of Us, At The MoMA

As a part of PopRally’s featured shows at the MoMA, Petra Collins in collaboration with Madelyne Beckles, put on a show called In Search of Us to honor women, the female form and bring together both historical and contemporary narratives that have put women down in society. The exhibition was created to showcase the type of woman not usually represented in art–in the most Petra Collins way, of course. The exhibit was described as a series of “live paintings,” based on conceptual artist Lorraine O’Grady’s essay Olympia’s Maid: Reclaiming Black Female Subjectivity. Check out some captured moments from the show here!






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