Don’t You Want To Party With Cardi B?

Cardi B’s “Bartier Cardi” featuring 21 Savage may have been released in December 2017 but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for a visual. The video that is directed by Petra Collins screams vintage, luxury, and sexy. According to a Collins in an interview with Garage Vice while Scarface originally inspired the video, they instead went with ultra glam villainous characters. For example Sharon Stone Vegas show girl in Casino, Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira from Scarface, and Nicole Kidman in To Die For. The aesthetic for “Bartier Cardi” is a lot softer compared to Cardi B’s other visuals. There are soft shades of pinks, blues, cakes, furs, jewels, half naked men, and lots of men.

Although, the video doesn’t follow a story line we do get to see 21 Savage get tied up. As he raps about his sex life its ironic to see he has no control over what’s happening to him. Another sexy part of the video includes Cardi and her fiancé Offset of the Migos being playful and affectionate in the back of a car. It is apparent in this video that Cardi B knows how to command attention, she does an amazing job of doing so in the red lingerie and fur outfit and she also does it in the all white outfit at the party during the video. We’ve all known Cardi B knows how to be sexy but in Cartier Bardi she definitely isn’t leaving room for any other interpretations.

Despite thinking the video for “Bartier Cardi” could be a little too late, Cardi does have her debut album coming out in two days. The release of these songs and long awaited videos is to build speculation and momentum for her debut. At this point its clear to see Cardi B is willing to be different and is she is more than ready to make her claim on music. This video fits well if the theme of Invasion of Privacy released today. Stream the project below:


Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of Privacy, an album by Cardi B on Spotify

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