Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Sneakers with Dresses

Vashite has a pair of kicks to go with any outfit. Whether she’s wearing them with a pair of baggy jeans, wearing running shoes on the way to the gym, or throwing on some fresh whites to match her fit, she has it all. Before, keeping it comfortable on your toes only seemed to pair well with pants or shorts, but in 2017, fashion has no rules. It’s safe to wear your comfy kicks with your favorite skirts and dresses, but here’s a few ways to make sure your both comfortable and your style is on point:

Do: Keep it simple

Don’t over do it with your flashiest pair of sneakers. We’re throwing that style of the window. When pairing sneakers with a skirt or dress, it’s best to keep it simple to the attention stays on the entire outfit instead of singling out an extremely loud pair of sneakers. Here, Vashtie keeps it clean with a white button up paired with a a white pleated skirt and throws in a pair of fresh whites to top off the look.


Don’t: Go the Extreme

Your favorite pair of outlandish kicks may be catching dust in your closet but it doesn’t mean just throw them on with anything. Mixing a loud shoe with an even louder outfit may give a look that screams “got dressed in a dark closet.” .

Do: Play with Colors

Adding a nice pop of color with your kicks and dress combo allows you bring a new feel to an outfit you’ve worn several times. While the dress Vashtie is wearing above can be dressed up with a nice pair of  pointy heels, adding a pair of burgundy kicks allows the outfit to display a new color scene and also go from “business mode” to “meet me for the party” effortlessly

Don’t: Forget to accessorize

If you’re dressing down your outfit with a new pair of sneakers its best to spice it up with accessories to add both a masculine and feminine feel to your look. Pairing a cute ankle bracelet with your kicks gives a feminine feel to the masculine look of a pair of new sneakers. Go the extra mile with big hoop earrings and a name plate necklace to add extra spice.



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