Drake’s old Lyric Book Is Up for Grabs

For anyone who’s ever wanted to figure out how the 6 God has managed to write a mean hook and catchy chorus for his hit singles, it’s your lucky day! Drake’s old notebook of handwritten lyrics was recently found, and can now be yours, but for a pretty penny.

The spiral book (which is being auctioned for around 54k) dates back to 2002, a year after the first season of the Canadian series, Degrassi, aired and features around 12 pages of unreleased lyrics. Though it is not clear when each song was really written,  the book’s authenticity is proven because of the many signatures that use his real name, Aubrey Graham.

One of the pages includes a song titled “10 Mack Commandments,” a tribute to The Notorious B.I.G.’s song “Ten Crack Commandments.” Throughout the lyrics, Drake often uses his signature “6” tag on the track. 

Gary Zimet, the book’s seller, says the book was recovered nearly a decade ago from Drake’s grandfather’s furniture factory in Toronto. It was almost thrown out, but the gem was discovered one night during an overnight cleanup by one of the factory’s janitors.

Losing his notes of lyrics is nothing new for our guy, Drake, as he referenced on his track “Say What’s Real” from his 2009 album, So Far Gone.

“Lost some of my hottest verses down in Cabo
So if you find a Blackberry with the side scroll
Sell that mothafucka to any rapper that I know”

If your funds allowed, would you bid on Drake’s old lyric book? Let us know below!


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