Energy Healing and Astrology Tea with Danielle Ayoka

Danielle Ayoka, better known as MysticxLipstick on Twitter, is the international millennial astrologer and intuitive energy healer you never knew you needed. In a time where we think we know it all, she breaks that assumption down completely. The good news is it’s her job to also help build you back up to be even better than before. In the past year, Danielle has become somewhat of a prophet to her 60,000 fans on Twitter. Her demand has just about surpassed what she can physically provide, having birth chart readings sellout in just minutes. As an avid follower of hers, I’ve witnessed first hand how she has changed my entire life. But being over booked doesn’t stop her. Why? Well, if you think you know yourself, she loves to make you think again.

Genesis: About Danielle Ayoka

Danielle is an astrologist and an intuitive energy counselor who specializes in healing and helping people become their very best. In high school, she was interested in how people operated so she studied psychology in higher education. Coming from a highly spiritual family, she couldn’t put her finger on it but felt there was something missing from everything she learned about psychology. After reading many books of many different genres, she got into astrology and began to look even deeper. After learning more about astrology, she went to get a reading for herself and the astrologist strongly suggested that she should take astrology seriously as a career. Eventually, this is what led her to her mentor in astrology, energy and intuitive healing.

What solidified her choice in making a career of astrology was a prophetic dream her friend had of a crow flapping on Danielle’s head, which intuitively represents a major paradigm shift. This is also a symbol that is well known in the Native American tradition, a culture that she carries in her blood coming from a long line of medicine women in her family. This is what led her to become an astrologist, healer and master of many, including Reiki. This was the creation of MysticxLipstick.

“We have to allow people to be where they are. The biggest thing is that trust isn’t something that can be forced on people. You have to allow people to go at their own pace. The biggest thing about trust is results. They have to see their reservations disappear one by one. That’s something they have to do internally. And all you can do is just stay true to whatever it is you believe in.” – Danielle Ayoka 


Danielle made her mark in astrology through her filthy, edge snatching astrology reads on Twitter called Astrology Tea Time. While learning in depth about astrology, Danielle would practice readings on her friends. Her friends were so amazed at the accuracy, they full heartedly encouraged her to become a professional astrologist and share her talent with the internet. In 2015 is when she caught an itch to give Capricorns their tea served extra hot on Twitter. Although Capricorn is her favorite sign, it didn’t help to filter what was sitting on her mind. The response to her read about Capricorns was so tremendous that people began begging for their signs to be read as well.

Danielle has not only read all the zodiac signs to filth, but has also educated us on the other aspects of our personalities. Did you know that you have more than one sign? Just when you thought you were done being read, you would find out you had about eight other signs that probably needed to be read as well.


Now that you’ve discovered that you might not really know who you are, let me break it down for you. Astrology has many different layers that most people don’t know about. There’s more than just the sign that you are “assigned” at the time you were born, which is called your sun sign.

You have three main aspects of your zodiac makeup when you are born:

Your Sun Sign- Your identity, confidence.

Your Moon Sign- Your emotion.

Your Rising Sign- How the world sees you.

These zodiac aspects are determined based on the day, time and location that you were born. You also have the planets, such as Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto, and their positions in the zodiacs on the day, time and location you were born.

All of these aspects and how they interact make up who you are as a person and make you different from the next person. They effect who you are because of the energy that you pull from them. These are the things that make you say “no, that’s not me” when you may be reading a horoscope about your sun sign. Each sign has certain characteristics and each planet has certain themes. How all of these things interact are displayed on a wheel or chart called a birth chart, which is what Danielle uses to read individual people.

Danielle has managed to turn many people into believers with her filthy readings, whether it is a generic or personal reading. After having an intense interview with hip-hop smart mouth, Taxstone, when asked what his opinions are of her work, he only had two words to say, “You lit.”

Not only has Danielle managed to break down people with her astrology tea, but she’s also managed to form a #MysticTinder. Now that you know the many layers of astrology, maybe you can find your perfect boo!

Not trying to meet someone on Twitter? Danielle suggests how to finesse finding out those other signs  without sounding too creepy. “You can be like ‘So, when’s your birthday? Oh, ok. I know I was born in the morning. Do you know what time you were born?’ See?! FINESSED!”

Although, reading charts are an in depth process of breaking down a person, none of it is in vain. She reads to filth to help you understand yourself better and make connections to things you may not even know has been affecting you since you were a child. The readings are shocking and fun but they are intended to provoke something in you to look deeper and start working on those nooks and crannies of yourself so that you can be the best version of you as possible.


“The biggest key to growth is self-awareness. I AM a healer. So, everything I do, I incorporate that. If you can’t face yourself, you can’t know yourself. If you don’t know yourself then you have no idea what you’re capable of, good or bad.” – Danielle Ayoka

Danielle is the Iyanla Fix My Life of Astrology. After she breaks down your character, she uses intuitive energy healing to connect with your energy to shift and clear out the destructive energy, not just in your mind, but in your body as well.

Energy healing is a method of alternative healing that deals with the energetic points of your body. She compares this method to the method of acupuncture. This is a full body experience because your brain is not the only part of your body that holds memory and energy. The purpose of this form of healing is to target moving energy and transform it to serve your highest good.

Because Danielle is always booked, there are many things that you can do to clear your energy. Some of her favorite suggestions are using crystals, preferably a selenite wand, and smudging sage, preferably cedar wood sage, which has a lot of great energy clearing properties. She also suggests taking an essential lavender oil and sea salt bath, “Add five drops or so and allow yourself to soak for about thirty to forty-five minutes. Allow the water to drain while you’re still sitting in the tub, imagining all the negative energy going down the drain.”

Another form of energy clearing is another pandemic she started via Twitter called Mystic Moon Rituals.

Mystic Moon Rituals are a series of instructions that she gives during the new and full moon period. As discussed before, the planets hold energy that you pull from, the moon being one of the top energies that you receive.

From the time the new moon is present through the waxing gibbous period is the time for manifestation. During the new moon is the time that you write the things that you want in your life in your notebook specifically set aside for this task. From the Full Moon to the old moon is the time to release. During the full moon is when you write the things you no longer want in your life and burn the paper, releasing the energy. This process is a healing agent that she refers to as “flowing with the current and connecting with nature.”

Not only does Danielle bring astrology and healing realness to your life, but she also brings general life realness to your life. She often discusses things they may be taboo to a person, such as embracing your sexuality and not being ashamed of it. Motivationally, Danielle touches on subjects like love, friendship and keeping it real with yourself when it’s necessary.

Danielle offers many services besides birth chart readings, such as healing sessions and weekly aura clearings, which I’ve heard is amazing. I have an Aries friend that has a reputation of not feeling anything yet she feels the energy work of the aura clearing every Sunday at 5pm sharp.

Also, coming next month will be subscription boxes that will be tailored to assist you with your energy clearing and healing during the moon phases. There will be a limited amount! So make sure you are following her Twitter to know when she posts the link to sign up for the subscription.

“You can’t change your chart but you can change the expression of your energy. It all comes down to awareness. If you can control your energy, you can depend on how it runs your life.” – Danielle Ayoka

What makes Danielle stand out from other astrologers and healers is that she speaks in a language that we understand and can relate to. She makes resources accessible to us with her rituals and energy clearing  suggestions. It says a lot about her character to not make anyone feel alienated when she talks about these things on a whole other level of consciousness. This makes you feel unintimidated to learn about these things. She also makes sure she let’s us know that she’s human too by sharing her life experiences and her own’s sign tea as well.

To learn more about Danielle, her filthy tea time, amazing vibes, and find out her availabilities, be sure to follow her on Twitter @MysticxLipstick. She announces at the beginning of every month when she is booking for readings.

To sign up for her Members Universe and weekly Aura Clearing, sign up on her website .

Get into some of Danielle’s vibe! Check out some of her features on podcasts and blogs below!


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