Ever Wonder How Lingerie Got So Mainstream?


Usually, your typical lingerie getup includes garter belts, stockings, corsets and more used to be reserved for “special occasions.” In a time where dressing sexy was more for those viewing it than those wearing it, women were not actively purchasing new lingerie every month. But on the heels of Valentine’s Day, and a slew of V-Day ads strategically placed everywhere online, 1 thought came to mind: When did lingerie become so mainstream? Lingerie was developed in the late nineteenth century by pioneer Lady Duff-Gordon of Lucile. While corsets existed, they were more constructing and she developed more visually appealing undergarments that make you want to show it all.

Today, there’s doubt that Rihanna’s massive Savage X Fenty brand. comes to mind when you think of frilly “underthings.” The research says no since brands like Adore Me have been operating since 2012 but Savage did bring something new and refreshing to the undergarment shopping scene.

Adore Me is an intimates company that functions fully online. The company specializes in bras, undies and sexy styles of lingerie, and boasts woman designed items for the ideal fit. You can shop individual styles online or opt to sign up for the VIP service, which entitles you to a curated showroom and monthly style selection for $39.99/ month. So since 2012 the “VIP” shopping style for lingerie has been around but thinking back to almost the dawn of the previous decade, lingerie wasn’t really in the spotlight and didn’t have the platform it has today. In fact, back in the early oughts, the only platform that made lingerie mainstream was the glitzy fashion shows put on annually by Victoria Secret. As its popularity grew the massive shows were more about performances and appearances than the garments themselves. Sure the angelic-looking models walked the runway in barely-there intimates and donned sexy lingerie with colorfully adorned angel wings, but a relatable aspect was missing. Families tuned in for the spectacle but not many people were sitting home on their couches thinking “I’m buying that set there with the diamond stockings and fuzzy garter belt!” That is until Savage came on the scene.

The decade drawing closer to its end brought the release of Savage X Fenty. In May 2018 after countless teasing posts via Instagram, Rihanna launched Savage X Fenty and changed the way we shop for, and most importantly view, lingerie. The goal was simply to make people look good, feel good and celebrate fearless individuality. The model was set forth by the many subscription sites housed online, and though Savage X Fenty was not archetypal the brand’s approach was different. Savage invited us into a world of inclusivity, color, and ultimate fantasy. A place where everybody type, every color, and every size person could sit scrolling online and say “Yes, I’m definitely getting that red one with the cutouts and matching slippers!” Coming full circle, the brand launched campaigns featuring real customers giving real reviews in their real homes and wearing their real purchases. Relatability skyrocketed lingerie to mainstream success and though there are now tons of brands keeping it 100, we can certainly thank Rihanna for pushing the envelope and giving those on the couch the confidence to be their own lingerie angel.

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