Fashion Designer Melody Ehsani Empowers Women and Explores Iranian Heritage

Dreamy and ethereal, Melody Ehsani’s designs are to die for. Many of her products are reminiscent of ’90s Hip-Hop style and her bold ME logo connotes a simple confidence and self love. Her aesthetic brings the playfulness of childhood and blends it with popular modern street style. Recently, Melody has collaborated with both sneaker giant REEBOK, and Sanrio–the company best known for the iconic Hello Kitty.

Initially, things were not always so easy for Melody. Before she became a designer, Melody attended law school only to drop out once she decided to pursue her passion. When she began exploring the world of design she truly found her voice. By cultivating a unique aesthetic and exploring her Iranian heritage, Melody stays true to her roots while creating sophisticated and cool pieces.

Because she has remained unmarried and works as an artist, her traditions have deviated somewhat from the typical Iranian Baha’i ones. She admits to being raised to believe a career in STEM or law was the only way to attract respect. However, Ehsani still maintains her faith and prays everyday. She also makes a point to research Iranian culture in order to maintain a strong connection with her roots.  And because she believes strongly in the empowerment of women,  she donates a portion of her profits to charities who focus the advancement of women’s education.

In an interview with The Fader, Melody said:

“Tradition tells you so much about where someone came from, what they went through, how they got here. It shows we have this ancient rooted history, these beautiful traditions and customs, and this is what the meaning is.”

Finding an identity as a Muslim woman from the Middle East is quite difficult, especially in a time when Islamophobia and Misogyny are normalized. Yet, Melody Ehsani’s words ring with truth. It is essential to know where you come from in order to understand your own art.

You can buy Melody’s designs on her website.


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