Featured: Quickie With Troi Irons

T H E S H O R T…

Name: Troi Irons

Nickname: Boy

Astrological Sign: May 12. Taurus

Born & Raised: Born Acworth, GA

 Raised Los Angeles, CA

Currently Residing: In the city of Lost Angels

The Last Song You Played?  Heartbeats by The Knife

Lyrics That Changed Your Life? “Do what the fuck makes you happy” – Tyler the Creator, “Radicals”

Hidden Talents? I spin fire

If You Weren’t Doing Your Current Job, What Would You Be Doing?  I’d be in marketing or I’d shoot music videos

T H E L O N G…

Where does your taste in music come from?

I was home schooled so I wasn’t really influenced by peers – I make it up as I go. When I was young, Ludacris was everywhere but the lyrics didn’t speak to me. I was a suburban misfit. I would sit next to the radio alone, dialing until I found something I liked. I landed on the classical station and KROQ. So my music taste stems from that experience I guess. I like to feel like I discovered something that’s just mine and I like to feel like it drowns the rest of the world out.

 Did your parents have any influence on you style of music?

Nope. I actually remember going on long road trips as a kid and the music they played gave me headaches. So maybe they influenced me to go the opposite direction.

What has been your favorite performance so far? Why? 

My favorite performance was actually the Electric Circus show where Vashtie DJ’d as well. I’ve never felt so in my element. As a performer, I draw energy from whatever crowd I’m in front of – and all these kids were kids that looked like me, dressed like me. I hung out with a few of them after, a pair I met there might shoot my next music video… It’s the most fun when you don’t have to think, you’re just enjoying the moment with good people.

 What artist/s do you want to meet? Why? 

I would love to meet Alicia Bognanno from Bully. She seems like such a cool hang. Plus she produced/engineered her entire album – we could exchange studio tips.

 What is the hardest part of being a musician? 

The hardest part of being a musician for me is balance. I’m a very hard worker so I tend to focus on that 24/7. But without the life & the love & inspiration, how do you have any feelings to create art from? The last time I hung out with a friend, I missed a really big opportunity and that ruined my whole night. What’s the right answer? That’s something I’m meditating on now.

 What advice do you have for the youth? 

You know yourself – just don’t lose you. Don’t start changing to please other people, don’t give up on your dreams, don’t stop working hard to accomplish your goals even if times get rough.

 What is your ultimate goal? 

I used to have quantified goals like ‘sell 30 million albums worldwide, sell out Wembley’, but God always out-plans me. Everything happens at the right time. Now my goal is to wake up any given day and say, “I want to do this creative thing – write an album, shoot a film, design a clothing line” and be able to bring it to fruition. So far, nothing’s standing in my way. I guess I’m living my dream.

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