Fed Up: A Documentary on The Food Industry That You Have to See

Are you fed up?

While there are numerous reasons behind the decline in health over the years, one distinct issue that isn’t talked about often is obesity in children and Americans as a whole. The 2014 documentary Fed Up outlines the facts behind the food you (may or may not) consume on a daily basis. Regardless of if you maintain a strict diet or live a vegan lifestyle, sugar is something that is almost avoidable.

According to the documentary, the food industry is hard at work creating products with added sugar which affects each person in different ways. Increased sugar intake can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. It’s said that by 2050 over 1/3 adults will have diabetes and the cause is directly related to sugar in kid’s schools, grocery stores, and homes.

While Vashtie dove deep on the movie earlier in the week via her IG story, we’re leaving it up to you to weigh in on our Twitter after watching the film.

“Once you know the truth about your food, you will be fed up”


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