#FilmFridays: Avengers: Infinity War

Thanos wants his stones and he wants them now. In the words of Big Freedia “I did not come to play with you hoes, ha-ha, I came to slay,” that’s exactly the energy Thanos had the entire movie. For two and half hours we get to see our favorite superheroes try and protect life, as they know it. Fighting against Thanos and his alien minions is not easy feat for Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy Gang, and the Avengers. There is fighting on Earth in New York City and Wakanda and different planets of the universe. It is no secret that in this movie people are going to die, in the first five minutes we see a familiar face die, in the middle of the movie we see a beloved character be sacrificed, and definitely at the end we encounter more deaths.

Last night my friend and I watched the 7:30 pm viewing in an outdated city theater along with a bunch of other people with our 3D glasses on. Majority of the movie I was on edge due to the constant fighting scenes and the brutality of Thanos and his minions. As someone that expects the worst in most situations it was hard to remain hopeful each time one of our favorite super hero faced off with either Thanos or his followers. I’m quite sure I spent a majority of the movie cursing to myself out of anticipation. Avengers: Infinity War is your quintessential superhero movie, lot of action and fighting, and a good lesson in humility and sacrifice as well as funny one-liners.

Although there was a lot of action and fighting, there were parts of the movie that seemed to drag on longer than it needed. While I am glad Thor got his hammer back there was too much time spent on the process of getting it made, the Guardian of Galaxy gang seemed as if they couldn’t quite get it together, and to be honest I think too much time was spent in space. Despite these flaws there were some good parts of Avengers: Infinity War, we got a bit more back story on Gamora; we got to see Black Widow, Wanda Maximoff, and Okoye team up, and the Avengers put aside their grievances for a good cause through out the movie. Surprisingly as a villain Thanos seems to have a small bit of good in him, we even get to see him be vulnerable with his ‘daughter.’

I sat through the movie for almost three hours but as the credits began rolling at the end I felt lost. Yes, I am aware of what happened in the movie but I couldn’t stop asking, “what does this mean?” We don’t really find out Gamora’s secret, we don’t know who gave these stones to the different members of the Avengers; we don’t why Thanos truly felt he deserved to have stones. Or why the stones had such an effect at the end of the movie. The extra clip at the end doesn’t answer any questions either but instead sets up the lead in to the sequel of Avengers: Infinity War. According to the man sitting next to me who was probably tired of my confusion, Marvel is setting up the premise to introduce us to Captain Marvel.

Did I enjoy this movie? Yes. Do I understand what I watched? No. Would I go see this movie again? Probably not until its available on Netflix or FX. My friend and I realized that maybe we should have binged through all of the Marvel movies leading up to this one but who has the time?

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