#FilmFridays: Deadpool 2

On a whim last Sunday my two best friends and I decided to see Deadpool 2. Was I excited to see Deadpool 2? Not really. Did I enjoy myself watching Deadpool 2? Hell yes. As someone that has seen the first Deadpool movie I was prepared enough to see the sequel without feeling lost. Yes, it’s true that not ever movie needs a sequel but in the movie market where Superhero movie dominate they are necessary. Sequels help to push forward the story of the superhero many are familiar with in the comics. After watching the first Deadpool movie it is obvious to see that Dead pool is not your quintessential superhero. He doesn’t have striking good looks; he doesn’t fight for the greater good, he isn’t well liked by his peers, and he lacks empathy.

The story in Dead pool 2 begins with Deadpool’s girlfriend being killed in their home, right in front of him. Like most people that lose a loved one Deadpool gets depressed which leads to a slippery slope of drugs and alcohol. But one of his few good friends X-Men Colossus steps in and takes him in. While at the X-Men home Deadpool along with Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and a few other X-Men get a call about a teenage mutant in an ongoing stand off. The biggest rule of being an X-Men is there is no killing. That rule becomes hard to follow when Deadpool finds out the real story, that Russell aka Firefist is actually being abused by the same people that are supposed to care for him. Ultimately, both Deadpool and Russell end up in prison.

At first glance the plot of the two of them escaping prison seems obvious until a time travelling soldier by the name of Cable pops up with his futuristic high tech weapons. Cable’s main objective is to kill Russell to prevent his future from becoming a reality. Teen angst, and the anger from being abused Russell is propelled to become a villain with the help of Juggernaut. SN: Who knew Juggernaut was Professor X brother? Once on the outside Deadpool realizes that he’s failed Russell, he concocts a plan of assembling his own squad to rescue Russell. Poor planning, a series of unfortunate events, and incredibly good luck leads Deadpool’s squad to only having one member the super lucky, quick thinking Domino.

In a turn of events Cable makes a proposition to Deadpool. Either he kills Russell or Deadpool saves him. It takes a team effort of Deadpool, Domino, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Yukio, Colossus, and even Cable to stop Russell aka Firefist and Juggernaut. Deadpool puts his life on the line to prove to Russell that he is indeed loved and a life of villainism doesn’t have to be his only choice. Russell isn’t the only one that learns a lesson about family and love, so does Deadpool. Granted Deadpool 2 is a superhero movie, it seems more realistic than the last string of other marvel movies we’ve all been watching. Deadpools story isn’t perfect, the consequences of his actions seem more definite and everyone in within the Deadpool isn’t perfect either especially when it comes to looks, attitude, and superpowers.

There were so many good parts of Deadpool; it is too hard to choose. Unlike most blockbuster superheroes movies, Deadpool is filled with graphic violence. There are guts, blood, and body parts everywhere. As much as I enjoyed Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, the true stand out star for me was Zazie Beets as Domino. Her gift of being incredibly lucky is very whimsical but she’s charming, isn’t afraid to do the opposite of what Deadpool says, overall she’s a fun character. Like the first Deadpool movie, the sequel is just as funny. The humor in Deadpool movies is more deadpan, which is easier to laugh at than a forced obvious joke. As someone that has seen Ryan Reynolds movies, I am happy he’s found his footing as Deadpool because Green Lantern certainly was not his calling. After seeing this sequel and paying attention to the mid credits scene it is safe to assume there will be a Deadpool 3. Who is your favorite character in Deadpool 2? What was your favorite part?

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