Fitness Friday: Can A Hot Bath Burn As Many Calories as a 30-Minute Walk?

Finding ways to burn calories in between your daily routines can be a bit demanding, but there may be a glimmer of hope! Researchers are saying that relaxing in a hot bath and doing absolutely nothing may be just as beneficial for your body as a 30-minute walk. A group at Loughborough University did the strenuous job of tracking this theory with 14 men and women who were put through two tests: a one-hour bicycle ride and a one-hour bath in 104-degree-Fahrenheit water.

The goal was to raise the body’s core temperature by one degree. All in all, the cycling burned many more calories, but the researchers did come across something somewhat surprising. Relaxing in the hot bath did burn 130 calories, which is about the amount you’ll burn on a half-hour walk!

The Conversation shared some extra findings from the study. The blood sugar of all participants was also tracked for 24 hours after the tests, and it was found that peak blood sugar was around 10 percent lower when a hot bath was taken. This could be extremely beneficial for those who suffer from high blood sugar levels.

Although a hot bath should not replace your daily work out regimens, it’s great to know that taking one can enhance your workout experience. Not only does it have physical benefits, such as aiding with inflammatory skin, but a relaxing warm bath can do wonders for our mental health as well. Being able to spend time alone to unwind is essential for a healthy mind.

Will you be adding hot baths to your daily fitness regimen? Let us know below if you notice a difference in your body!


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