FITNESS FRIDAY: Cardio For The Anti-Runner

For most of us, even just the thought of running sucks. Hearing someone say, “I’m going on a 5-mile run,” is as confusing to us as hearing someone declare the sky is green. Of course, cardio is essential in order to achieve optimum health, but running doesn’t have to be part of your routine.

Walking is running’s younger, hotter sibling. Sure you may have to do it longer, but it gets the blood flowing all the same. Taking a brisk walk has all the same benefits as running, such as lowered blood pressure and decreased body fat.

If you’re able, swimming is a great substitute for running. Even if you aren’t able to swim, learning to swim would benefit you times two. Swimming is an essential tool for survival. It presents an additional obstacle that running does not: you have to fight through water. Not only is swimming great cardio exercise, but also great strength building.

Remember playing double dutch as a teen?  Who knew we were burning hundreds of calories per session?! Jump rope is a great way to tone your arms (hey, Michelle Obama!) and give your legs a serious burn. Doing 30-second to one-minute intervals for 10-15 minutes per day will get you into shape in no time. Use a weighted jump rope for more of a challenge!


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