Fitness Friday: Let Your Inner Child Loose & Play Outside!

For a vast majority of the nation, it’s still pretty cold outside. For the poor folks suffering the woes of a chilly Spring, it’s hard to imagine going outside at all let alone for exercise.

But don’t turn your back just yet, our suggestion is awesome, we promise.

Exercise can be defined as just about anything that elevates your heart rate and takes your body outside of its normal comfort zone. Of course, the gym is a fantastic option, but sometimes the gym routine just loses its excitement and becomes more of a drag than the highlight of your day. Guess what, you can change that!

How? Go outside. And play a game like when you were a little kid chasing your neighbors and being carefree. Don’t let the concept of adulthood (because honestly, being an adult kind of sucks), hold you back from rekindling the flame with your inner yute, and instead, just play.

Remember Mother May I? Red Light, Green Light anyone? And we can’t forget handball…

Check out a list of our five favorite outdoor activities we challenge you and your friends to try out! It might be fun to switch up the usual kickin’ it routine and try something that will take everyone back to their glory days!

  1. Hide & Go Seek
  2. Musical Chairs (try it with your favorite trap mix!)
  3. Red Rover
  4. Rollerblading
  5. Duck Duck Goose

The list of childhood games we all atone time at least dabbled with, were actually incredible forms of cardio and productive stress relief activities. Beyond the obvious physical benefits of running around, simply being outside does wonders for your spirit – no matter how much of a homebody you are, as human beings we crave fresh air and open space. With summer on the horizon, the weather will quickly enable us to break out of hibernation and run through the streets. Why are kids the only ones who play in the streets?





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