Fitness Friday : Pass on the Gym & Join a Class

The gym is not for everyone. There’s the intimidation factor, the time it takes to get there, the real life fact that you may not even know what your doing. But that doesn’t mean you have to pass on stepping outside for your expertise needs. If the gym isn’t your thing, but staying home to workout is getting a little boring, then look into classes. Classes offered at designated studios vary in goals and needs, but can definitely be a fun way to engage in group activities and tackle whatever personal goals you set for yourself. Here are four fun classes that you can try if the gym isn’t your thing.

1) Caribbean Dance Classes

If whining and busin’ a sweat is more of your speed, then join a dance class to workout. Brukwine is one of the more popular Caribbean dance classes, but there’s so much to choose from around the city. Mark Morris Dance Group offers Afro-Carribbean classes and Pon De Flo offers three different types of classes to align with your fitness needs.

2) Boxing

Boxing is a great stress reliever just as much as it is a workout. If you’re new to the sport and want to get trained by vets, head over to Church St. Boxing. If you want to join a cool community of boxers, Overthrow is the ring for you. Rumble is the new trendy boxing gym that NYC dwellers seem to love. Box + Flow at Box + Flow is a class that incorporates HIIT boxing with yoga creating a balance of fight and flow.

3) Pilates and Interval Training

Sometimes the best workout is one that doesn’t even feel or look like a workout at all. AG6 at Asphalt Green acts as a “game” that advances your workout based on purposeful movement. Power Pilates is a great place to not only get a good workout but work on your posture. Tone House has the mantra, “release your inner athlete”. If you want to work on your core, head to Exhale Spa for an intense workout.

4) Yoga

Maybe meditating and practicing yoga is a thing you like to do by yourself, and we wouldn’t blame you. However, if you want to venture into yoga classes as a workout and less of a time for relaxation, then try a class. Yoga Spark and Y7 Studio both offer music-based yoga classes. The Class also plays music, but focuses on the light and peaceful movements of yoga to induce strength in the body.

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