Fitness Friday: Skip the Gym & Workout At Home

The gym in most recent times has been depicted as a sanctuary of good health – a sea of toned legs and defined abs. It’s the go to place for any one with the best of the best bodies in the best of the best shape. Attendees probably did not skip breakfast this morning! While for some, going to the gym may come off as goals and a safe haven, others may find it intimidating. Maybe your body doesn’t look like those who are in there all the time (and maybe it shouldn’t have to either – remember the goal is overall health not the look of what “health” is). Maybe you don’t want to dish out the $50 dollars a month for the most basic membership. Or maybe you haven’t mustered the energy to go – the seduction of the couch just calling your name. If the gym isn’t for you, it’s not big deal. We have put together some simple exercises that you can complete in the safe haven of your home or anywhere outside. Your choice!

What You’ll Need First:

  • A mat as to not cause any pain when doing excursuses where you’ll be on the ground (if you’ll be working outdoors or at the park, the grass may be your best friend).
  • Weights (5lbs to 25lbs) for strength training and toning.
  • Jump Rope (if you’d like!)
  • Good pair of workout sneakers (we would suggest refraining from sneakers with a soft soles if you will be working out outdoors or making quick alternating motions).
  • Positive attitude and patience! Whatever your goal is, know that it will need consistency and perseverance before seeing any results! And one of your overall goals should be overall improved health, which does not have one look!

1) Start with some cardio

Before beginning your workout, get your heart rate racing with simple running exercises. If you’re outside or even in your house or apartment hallway, sprint back and forth at least five times or until you feel pumped. Incorporate burpees and bear crawls for If you like jogging, run outside for at least ten minutes. Jumping rope is also another great way of increasing your heart rate.

2) Lower Body

For lower body exercises, there is so much you can do that does not require the gym! For example, if you want to focus on your hips and glutes, practice doing donkey kicks, side steps, and hip swings (use a chair for balance). For beginners, see how many you can do of each exercise within a minute. Remember to pace yourself and push yourself. Deadlifts, squats and lunges are some of the best workouts for a nicer derriére and stronger hips and there are so many variations for extra toning.

3) Core

Core workouts are a personal favorite because it focuses on strengthening your core. Your core is incorporated in almost every movement of the human body. Thus, a stronger core means lower possibility of injuries and back pain, better posture, better balance and stability, and an easier time doing the most menial of tasks. Not to mention some really great abs! Crunches, bicycle crunches, mountain climbers, variations of planking, leg lifts, and knee touches are all really great core workouts. If you would like to incorporate weights, there are workouts like dumbbell side bends, standing core stabilization, and bow extensions.

4) Upper Body

Many of these workouts mentioned before can work to tone your upper body when used with weights. However, if you would like a little more focus on your arms try working on your pushups, arm/leg lifts, and bench (chair or sofa in our case) tricep dips. Arm circles also work for more toned arms.


What are some at home workouts that you swear by? Let us know your suggestions down below!

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