#FitnessFriday: 5 Reasons Why You Should Try AcroYoga

We know you’ve seen people in the park on a beautiful Sunday practicing AcroYoga poses or came across an IG video or post. At first glance, the practice can seem intimidating especially for yogi beginners or people have not done yoga or gymnastics at all. Getting a basic headstand down is already a challenge. Trying to balance and do poses with a partner may seem undoable or next level but truth is, it’s not!

AcroYoga is a perfect way to mix things up in your yoga practice and in your everyday life. The practice blends the wisdom of yoga, the power of acrobatics, and the loving warmth of healing arts. These 3 components form the foundation of the practice that cultivates, trust, playfulness, and community. Here are 5 life-changing reasons why you should try AcroYoga.

Relationships & Community:

Due to social media, a lot of us have lost a true sense of what human interaction and connectivity feels like. Through this practice, you are forced to trust and be trusted by friends, romantic partners, and even strangers. You have to let your guard down physically and mentally and that is something that stays with you on and off the mat.

Improved Concentration & Focus:

When working so closely with a partner or partners it is important to focus on being present without distraction. This practice forces you to work on your concentration because the safety of your partner’s depends on your willingness to read each other’s non-verbal and physical cues.

Dealing With Conflict Head On 

We tend to turn away from conflict or bury it deep down on our insides. This has been proven to be unhealthy and leads to erratic and explosive behavior. This practice teaches you that through opposing forces, you can achieve power through counterbalance. Counterbalance is what allows us to have a difference of opinions but come to a peaceful and satisfying resolution for both parties.

Size Does Not Matter

A common misconception in the world of yoga is that it is for smaller or “normal” sized individualized, and that is false! Yoga is for everyone. AcroYoga is for everyone, no matter your shape, size, or color. AcroYoga does not defy gravity, it honors it. It is less about strength and more about technique. It is possible to counterbalance someone twice your size and vice versa.

You don’t need a partner 

If you’re interested in trying AcroYoga and your bae is not about that life, it is totally fine. Joining an AcroYoga community is easy. If you’re flying solo you will find someone at your nearest park or yoga studio. It is great to train with a dedicated partner but there is a lot to learn by training with a variety of people until you find your home.

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