#FitnessFriday: Add Boxing into Your Gym Routine at Overthrow Boxing Club


Though the sign clearly states Boxing Club, from the street view of Overthrow you might get the impression that it’s a cool hangout spot, and that thought wouldn’t be totally far from home. Truth is Overthrow Boxing Club is a boxing gym that is also a cool hangout. Kind of like the best of both worlds. The exterior of the small shop on Bleecker street is artfully decorated with posters, graffiti while old school TV sets are displayed in the window. The vibe is downtown cool but what people have come to love most about Overthrow are its intense classes and training sessions.

Offered at both the NoHo and Williamsburg locations are classes teaching basic techniques like heavy bag training, shadowboxing and ring work along with private training sessions. But don’t let its cool atmosphere fool you, at the heart of Overthrow is its training and it has deep roots in old school boxing clubs. Owner and founder Joey Goodwin wanted to do something unique with Overthrow while staying true to the sport he was introduced to as a kid. The killer workouts with the surrounding aesthetic of the club have a way of bringing in diverse crowds, and the gym now counts a few celebs, influencers and your favorite Downtown Sweetheart as regulars.

Walking into the gym you’ll see tons of framed pictures on the wall as you would in any old school boxing gym, along with neon red lights and exposed pipes making the place feel modern and edgy. Another modern thing about Overthrow is the shop. Filled with merch ranging from tees, hoodies, sweats, hats, patches and more, Overthrow transcends the ring and enters the full brand territory. With classes starting at just $36 it’s worth giving this one of a kind and authentically New York boxing club a try. Check out their classes and training here: Overthrownyc.com

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