#FitnessFriday: How Working A Pole Can Easily Turn Into Your Favorite Workout

When we think of pole dancing, most think about the erotic dance performed in gentlemen’s clubs worldwide.  Swaying to the music, swirling around the pole, and money being through may come to mind, but have you ever thought about the amount of upper body strength needed to work a pole? It isn’t easy.

Pole dancing originated in the 1920s for entertainment as performers would dance around the pole that holds a tent up. It also makes a reference in several different cultures in regard to entertainment including the Chinese and Indian cultures. It became popular in erotic settings creating lucrative money-making opportunities for women (and men) along with being depicted in hip hop music videos.

As we continue to study pole dancing as an art form, we notice that there’s a hell of a lot of fitness that goes into it as well.

Here are five benefits of pole dancing for fitness:

  • It’s great for your bones and joints
  • Burns calories fast
  • Builds self-confidence (you look good doing it!)
  • promote a healthy childbirth
  • Promotes blood flow

Pole Dancing for fitness helps build upper body stregnth. During pole workouts, not only are you tested mentally to remember the dance moves, but you build muscle on your forearms, triceps, biceps and shoulder muscles. Because it’s almost impossible to target only one body part while working out, Pole dancing allows you to work your entire body in just one class. Popular classes in New York include Foxy Fitness and Body and Pole, but feel free to find a studio closest to you.

In all, pole dancing is hot and can be done for a partner, but for fitness, it can take your body to a new level. Have you tried it? Tell us about your experience on Twitter.


Cris Content Manager @CrisDaCat @RnBaeCollective

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