FitnessFriday: Low Intensity Steady State Cardio

Often when it comes to working out or fitness we’ve been ingrained with the belief of “go hard or go home.” We force ourselves to push ourselves looking for ‘feeling the burn’ or the idea that the more we do the sooner we’ll see results. Well its now time to let those ideals go. According to Live Strong Low-Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio is here to save us when we don’t feel like pushing ourselves anymore while still trying to work out. We don’t have to subject ourselves to high intensity cardio anymore! LISS requires us to elevate our heart rate without going over 50 percent of our maximum heart rate while doing at least 30 minutes of activity. In other words you know that out of breath feeling or feeling our heart beating rapidly we’re looking to achieve the opposite with LISS.

The article clearly states that your beats per minute (BPM) should vary between 120 and 150. Some low-intensity steady state cardio include a slow jog, a casual walk on a flat terrain, riding a stationery bicycle at low resistance, a leisure swim, and gentle forms of yoga. Yesterday during NYC sweltering heat, I convinced two of my co-workers that we should walk half of a mile to go get lunch. We kept a steady pace, didn’t overexert ourselves, and walk on the cooler sides of the street. At no point during our walk did I feel exhausted, or feel like I desperately needed to sit so my body could relax. As someone that loves to walk and enjoys a slow jog every now and then I feel great knowing that I’m not doing my body a disservice because I don’t feel the burn of my muscles.

When participating in LISS cardio it is important to keep in mind that the objective is to stay at a moderate heart rate. Breaking a light sweat is all that needs to be done we don’t need to overexert ourselves for the sake of seeing results. LISS is a safe way to build a solid foundation especially if you’re a beginner in the fitness game. Doing LISS exercise also reduces your chances of injury. Although no one is required to stick with a LISS workout all the time it is good to in cooperate it with your High Intensity Interval Training to give your body the time to recover. What are some of your favorite HIIT exercises? Which LISS cardio are you looking to in cooperate more of in your fitness routine?

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