Five Nike Sneakers That Should Re-Release

As we navigate through this era of heavy 80s/90s nostalgia, it shows up significantly in our style of dress. Our sneakers should be no different. The 90s are arguably the Golden Age of sports and while this may seem to sever away from that statement, the amount of innovation and iterations released in the sneaker industry may just prove that. People wanted to be invincible on the track, field, court, you name it. And their fans wanted in on the glory as well. If there’s one brand that dominated the sneaker industry during this time, it was Nike. The brand came out with so many classic shoes that we know and love up until this day. But what about the ones we left in the past? Here are five Nike sneakers that are worth being retroed.


1) Air Jordan Mossified

Randy Moss was an exceptional football player that move with much agility and speed. Although later of his career was played in the early 2000s, his Jordan brand sneakers were a hit when released in 2001. These sneakers were especially popular to fans, since they came without cleats.

2) Air Zoom GP

Who remembers the commercial with Gary Payton in the ring against Holyfield in his Air Zoom GP’s? The Air Zoom GP was released in 1999 and instantly became a hit. The sneaker came in a lively neon green colorway and an attached buckle.

3) Air Zoom JST

At the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Michael Johnson wore gold spikes and won the gold medal. Coincidence? After his accomplishment, Nike released his sneakers, the Zoom JST which features gold stripes on the upper and sole.

4) Air Zoom Citizen

Another sneaker a part of the Zoom Air Collection is the Air Zoom Citizen. This model was released in 1999 and was the ultimate runners shoe. But the style (it featured reflective mesh in the upper, and panels of different materials laying over each other) was far ahead of its time. Definitely worth a comeback.

5) Air Ubiquitous Max

Finally, we have the Air Ubiquitous Max. Launched in 1997, these molded leather trainers with the hints on lime green are perfect statement kicks. If sport stats are more of your thing, then you should also note that these were the official sneakers of wide receiver Jerry Rice.

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