Five Reasons Why The New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Has Us Shook

“I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta. In the name of all that is good, your wrath upon this world is over.”

With each and every peek we’re given of Warner Brothers’ and DC’s Wonder Woman feature film, there’s never been a point where I’ve been iffy of its quality. There’s an element of care woven into each detail and scene–something which other heroine helmed films lacked. In between shots of debris and combat, it’s clear director Patty Jenkins and actress Gal Gadot, have collaborated to manifest a product of an uncanny force–making Wonder Woman one of the most highly-anticipated superhero films of all time.

The latest trailer, much like its predecessor, informs us of Wonder Woman’s origin before she heads off with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) to Earth in an effort to end World War I. We’re given a closer look in the life of our heroine, Diana a.k.a Wonder Woman, and her upbringing as an Amazon on Themyscira. Each shot is gorgeous and epic–delivered in a fine finish similar to Man of Steel.

Let us count the ways this trailer shook us to our core:

1. The first dose of Diana’s origin story.

Ummm…I think Diana knows it’s her.

When we first meet Diana, as an adorable child, we see that her mother Hippolyta has chosen to shield and shelter her from her destiny as a warrior. She educates her on their creation and relation to Ares and Zeus, and why they now live in secret on the island of Themyscira. From there, we see Diana’s determination and that she too develops a secret as she trains against her mother’s wishes with her aunt, General Antiope.


2. The training scenes on Themyscira.

The stunts. The setting. The camera angles and shots. The dialogue. It’s all so damn perfect, we wish we could purchase a one way ticket to Themyscira.


3. Gal Gadot’s all out beast mode.

Gal Gadot is the golden standard of action stars. I mean, just get into the last gif as she slides on her knees into a sword brandishing stance on her feet. This woman is a star! Her hunger and connection to her character has literally fused her and Wonder Woman into the same person. No surprise there, as the veteran Israeli army soldier wished for a role of Wonder Woman’s caliber when she first began acting eight years ago. She hopes Wonder Woman will set an example for young girls–including her daughter–in the same way Superman and Batman do for boys. We think they will, Gal.


4. The multi-cultural Amazon women.

If you look closely, you’ll spot a mix of diversity among the Amazon women. Patty Jenkins wanted to have more than just one race and physical shape for their other-worldly tribe, keeping the film as close to its comic origin as possible. We hope to see Phillppus and Nubia!


5. The humor.

Beneath all of the explosions, fights and drama, there has to be light-hearted moments that bring a few laughs. It presents the ebb and flow of life, as well as the soul of the characters. Nothing quite brings a group of people together like moments of comedy.

Since her creation, Wonder Woman has been an international symbol of feminism. She’s a hero unlike any other, even her male peers, as she battles and leads with both justice and the purest love in her heart. And yet, Wonder Woman sees no lines or parameters in the capabilities of the sexes, which is why she appeals to all. Her cinematic presence couldn’t have arrived at a better climate–when so many of us need her to be reminded of the basics to carry on: hope, selflessness, perseverance, bravery, justice, righteousness, humility, equality, love and light. All of the above creates a superpower.

Watch the video below and let us know your opinion of DC’s latest film, Wonder Woman. Will you be catching it in theaters on June 2nd?

Gifs courtesy of dianaofthemyscira tumblr.


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