FKA twigs continues to innovate with Instagram magazine

FKA Twigs is an artistically diverse creative and a powerhouse of a performer. The English singer, songwriter, director, and dancer was first widely recognized when she released her projects  EP1 and EP2 in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Her debut studio album, LP1, garnered international acclaim when it was released in 2014. With a sound that can’t be pinned to one genre, twigs’ blending of electronic, hip hop, and R&B makes her avant-garde style so appealing.

FKA twigs has taken to Instagram for her newest release of artistic innovation by releasing a digital magazine. Her Instagram account which highlights intricately braided hairstyles and other black beauty and hair trends. Titled “AVANTgarden issue 1: ROOTS ∙ SHOCK ∙ BEAUTY,” the magazine combines a “glamor shot” type photography with illustrations and minimal set design to produce a zine that twigs hopes will encourage people to “embrace their heritage.” Twigs, who worked as the creative director in producing the zine, included both women and men to model various braided and natural styles that showed off the versatility of black hair.

AVANTgarden issue 1. ROOTS ∙ SHOCK ∙ BEAUTY Creative Director: FKA twigs @fkatwigs Editor: Suzannah Pettigrew @suz_p Styling: Matthew Josephs @matthew_josephs Hair: Rio Sreedharan @rio_hair Casting: FKA twigs @fkatwigs and Olivia Kaifa @livokai Photography and post production: R + D @reecendean MUA: Bea Sweet @beasweetbeauty Set Design: Suzannah Pettigrew @suz_p Models: Chanel @chanellygirl / Naomi @_flowerchildx / Olivia @livokai / James @j_magz / Malick @ssandroidx / Kaner @kanerflex / Vanessa @vanessaohenlen / Jourdan @jourdancopeland / Rachellé @rachellehollandxx Logo: Matt de Jong @go_dejong Layout: FKA twigs @fkatwigs / Suzannah Pettigrew @suz_p / Matt de Jong @go_dejong Illustrations: Roxie Warder @roxiepandora

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To go along with very timely and important content about black beauty, twigs’ choice of medium for this project is equally important. The digital zine uses Instagram’s photo album feature to allow viewers to flip through the “pages.” Although fans have gone back and forth in the “beloved” comments section of the post about whether or not the project should be considered a magazine, this might be the start of a new trend that we’ll begin to see. Instagram offers many integrated features that make it a great platform to share projects that come in this form of digital magazine.

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