(flashback 12/13/08) MIKEY ROCKS BIRTHDAY PARTY – 16 hours in Chicago

FRIDAY morning, ELLE, OSCAR and I flew to CHICAGO (me and ELLE’s first time) to help celebrate MIKEY ROCK’s 21st BIRTHDAY PARTY! the flight was a bit delayed, but i was in good company with my friends…we had tons of jokes.

*at the airport…this was the second time i spotted this thing called MAGIC WIGGLY, a toy that magically crawls over you. it’s very bizarre, but i wanted it bad…

*it looks cool, no?

*i realized it wasn’t so magical and that you had to tie “invisible string” to it, which made me lose interest really quick.

*OSCAR tried to make it better by pretending MR. WIGGLEY worked…

*first views of CHI TOWN

upon arrival i noticed it was brick city, and no no – it ain’t just windy. i saw my soul leave my body. above all, the city is gorgeous…really great architecture and cool places. i was so mad i would only be there for half a day!

after our arduous travel, we made our way to the telly where CHUCK INGLISH was waiting to greet us. after he left us to get refreshed, we met up with LUPE and he gave us a mini-tour of the city. it was really educational, CHICAGO ain’t no joke. there’s so much history there, even entertainment histroy (the show “GOOD TIMES” took place in Chicago!)

*we wanted to try DEEP DISH pizza, since CHI was famous for it. we had no idea what were in for. LUPE took us to a classic spot…

*spinach deep dish pizza. massive!

*it was like lasagna on pizza.

*italian beef!

———- T H E P A R T Y ———-

afterwards we ran to the hotel, spruced up and went to the party which took place at LE PASSAGE on N. RUSH. it was a very swanky spot!


*CHAMPAGNE BOTTLES at a club just makes you want to act a fool. it makes you feel like you’re in a music video for whatever reason. like you want to dance with it in your hand and pour it on people for no reason.

*CHUCK INGLISH was a monster on the decks!

*we didn’t actually get to see too much of dear MIKEY, as he celebrated his 21st birthday! birthdays are the one day where you are allowed to run a-muck and owe no apologies!

*me in my ANDY DUFRANE shirt. OSCAR and I had no idea we were wearing such similar shirts. ELLE said it looked like me and O were sharing one big shirt.

*CHICAGO getting down. the older lady bathroom attendant asked where i was from and i said “NEW YORK” and she gave me a hug. she was so sweet. such great hospitality.


*GRANT HILLS! CHUCK took it back.

*i had to post this because it looks like ELLE and OSCAR are about to rob us!


*i was the designated MOM of the trip, i was in charge of waking us up. too bad i forgot about the time change. we were up at 7am for a 12pm flight! ugh.

*ELLE got hyper from being up so early and started messing around with my scarf. she said this is titled “GIRL WITH THE FENDI HAIR”

*our private jet…for the general public.

*it was such a short trip and i’m sad i couldn’t really see CHICAGO. it was really a dope city from what i can tell. i had a fun time with my fam ELLE and OSCAR, the jokes kept the traveling a breeze.

shoutout to CHUCK and MIKEY for having us and being the best hosts. thanks to LUPE (for the tour, dinner and cham-pagen), SHANNON SANGSTER (for taking care of us at the party), and thanks to the CHICAGO-ANS. they were all super cool. even the airport employees were friendly and nice.

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