‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ Is Cool… But Welcome To ‘Beckman’s World’

As most of us know Bill Nye recently returned as “The Science Guy” via Netflix. His show was very popular in the 90’s and was filled with educational information for the science enthusiast. I may catch some heat for saying this but… Bill Nye was a bit dry for my taste (insert wide-eyed blushing emoji). Especially if you stumbled upon Beakman’s World, remember Beakman’s World?

Not to say I never indulged in Bill Nye but it’s like Lays sour cream potato chips compared to Migos Rap Snacks. Of course we would all eat the Lays but the “dab of ranch” is LIT AF!

The program starred Paul Zaloom as Beakman, an eccentric scientist who performed comical experiments and demonstrations in response to viewer mail. He would illustrate/demonstrate various scientific concepts from density to electricity to flatulence. The show wouldn’t have worked without his helpers, his female assistant (who always changed season to season) and his “lab rat” Lester.

It has been over 20 years since the wacky pseudo-scientist in a lime green lab coat and Don King wig has been on air. The program ran for five seasons (1993-98) in the U.S. and captured many audiences through syndication. Beakman’s World blended elements of MTV and Pee Wee’s Playhouse. The genius of Beakman’s World was you could write in and ask him questions directly.

I recall writing in every week for two months and watching to see if my letter would get picked. I honestly don’t remember if my letter was picked but I was certainly engaged. Beakman made science trippy and fun, he made you want to interact as a young viewer. So for our flashback of the day we remember the David Blaine of children’s science.

Check out some memorable episodes below.

Beakman’s World 1×06 – Soap, Beakmania & Auto… by drive0000000026

Beakman’s World 1×07 – Electricity, Beakmania… by drive0000000026

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