FLASHBACK: Busta Rhymes – Woo Hah (Music Video) 1996

If you know anything about me, you know I have a pretty infinite knowledge about hip-hop culture and pop culture as a whole.

January 6th, 2017 marks the 21st anniversary of Busta Rhymes‘ first solo single “Woo Hah!! (Got You All In Check)” and this still means as much to me now as it did then. If you don’t hear this song and feel like you need to have a 1997 Toyota 4Runner parked outside then I don’t know what to tell you.

I remember watching this video as a 5 year old and being super interested in everything. The cars they were driving, the outfits, the way it was shot with that fisheye camera lens. Everything about this video was too good, too clean, crispy and futuristic. It also set a tone for what the New York hip-hop culture would later turn into. Things went from raw, gritty, grimy and hardcore to a little more bright, glittery, glossy, fun and “jiggy”.


In my mind this single and more specifically the video really helped usher in the mid 90s-early 00s “jiggy era”. Which brings me back to the outfits. Busta’s jacket selection is hands down one of the best in hip-hop ever, never mind how dope his jackets were in the video.

The shiny black coat with the fur/sherpa trim with the matching hat! That’s a whole mood in itself. The yellow coat that just so happened to match the bright yellow lights in the background of the scene with him and his son? Brilliant. We definitely have to thank the legendary Hype Williams for giving us such iconic visuals. Also if someone could help me identify the clear glasses with the blue lenses that Busta Rhymes had one while sporting that blue coat and hat I’d greatly appreciate it.


The 90’s nostalgia party doesn’t stop there, while you’re jamming out to the original single, please take some time out below to watch the very trippy video for the “Woo Hah!!” remix which features Wu-Tang Clan’s own Ol’ Dirty Bastard. This is a rare gem so please enjoy and Happy Friday!!

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