Flashback Friday: Childhood Favorites turned Vegan

Being an adult gets hard at times. I often find myself day dreaming about food during long boring meetings or reminiscing about childhood memories. Well recently,it occurred to put two and two together, lol. As Children, health wasn’t a main focus but rather having fun was but as we get older our priorities change and health takes reign over majority. Here are a few childhood favorites made into healthy vegan meals.

Beanies and Weenies

I’d always remember my grandmother making this meal for me every Saturday afternoon like I didn’t want anything else to eat. She’d call my name out the window as my cousins and I would race back home.

The only difference when making this fan favorite would be to substitute the regular hot dogs for vegetarian hot dogs and use Vegetarian baked beans.

Frozen Kool-Aid

Up north, everyone loves once summer hits. Not only to get rid of the cold and mostly snowy weather or because school is out but to be able to buy ice cups. No, they aren’t literal ice cups but rather frozen kool-aid put in a Styrofoam cup. There was always that one older lady who sold these from out her house for 25 cents a cup.

Instead of using kool-aid, use any kind of pure fruit juice like Apple Juice or Cranberry juice. Still keeps you cool and taste just as good.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

This one isn’t just a childhood favorite but more so a quick meal that everyone loves. It was the meatballs that would always get me as a kid. I never understood how my mom would make a ball of meat.

You’ll need to substitute the meat for meatless meatballs but with everything else essentially is the same. Check out a full vegan spaghetti and meatballs recipe here.

Nuggets and French Fries

Lastly, we have nuggets and fries. Now this one was my favorite on the list. My mom would have to make them once a week. I was one of those kids who had a schedule for certain foods and we stuck to it.

For this one, I’d recommend Fry’s Chicken – Style nuggets. They are 100% meat free and cook within 8 mins. For the French Fries part…I’d say homemade French fries are always the way to go.

However, even though we are now older, it is always fun to still go back and think on those things that made you happy as a child. For me, food was one of those things. Now that I am older, health has also become an important factor. Finding healthier ways to make the food I once loved has come in handy. Hopefully these substitutes does someone else justice on their journey to healthy eating as well.

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