The Rise and Fall of Tumblr

We previously did a look back on the impact Myspace had on culture. We remembered the musicians and personalities that found their followings on the platform. Noting it was one of the first social media websites where the culture is made up of the users themselves sharing content in hopes of gaining large followers. Tumblr is an offspring of Myspace which shared a similar arrangement of sharing multimedia like quotes, photos, videos, and gifs but more towards pop and cult culture.


Tumblr gave you old and new content that you’ve never seen before. We didn’t get on Tumblr to find out the news. Tumblr felt like someone went all over the world and dug into everyone’s garages, running away with the most interesting objects and media they could find. It took everything cool and put it in one place.  F*ck Yea! Pages ignited cult-culture with thousands of photos and behind-the-scene media of your favorite artist and obsession like Pokemon or Tattoos. You didn’t have to go far to see aesthetics from all over the world. Scrolling down your feed you could see vintage posters, 3d gifs of floating 80s telephones, headshots of your favorite 90s sitcom characters and a portrait of black toilette tissue, different right?


Tumblr more so occupied the space of a blog. Things were not uploaded in real-time and we didn’t have stories that disappeared in 24 hours. Your page was an aesthetic that embodied your soul. There were many subcultures like cos-play, makeup, POC appreciation, and queer visibility. Whatever you felt and dealt with there was a page or person you could go and ask questions. If you were afraid to reveal yourself you could go anonymous or “Anon”. Your likes were probably filled with your deepest curiosities and foreshadowed the person you were growing into.


Like Myspace, Tumblr had its fair share of “cool kids” which are now what you would call “influencers” to name a few creatives like Gitootho and Dutty, Glyn Brown, Tribe NYCAmbitious Ade, Ken Rebel, and Justine Skye garnered great followings on the app. These cool kids created a wave of creating brands and marketing yourself. Rocking high-end brands like Louie Vuitton and Rick Owens mixing it Jeremy Scott and thrifted attire. They lead their own underground street armies with unique style choices and content creation. These kids would go on to work with bigger brands and creatives and assist in molding the next generation of creatives and Instagram users.


Tumblr left viewers curious about the creative world. It was raunchy and loving and acted as a safe haven for our interests and curiosities. Tumblr ended up going through a number of business owners and got bought out by Yahoo which got bought by Verizon who placed a ban on adult and explicit content. The action truly removed the essence of Tumblr which was already experiencing a decline in users. Its remaining users boycotted the decision and halted usage of the social media site Tumblr which is now in talks to be bought by WordPress owners to be a compliment website to WordPress.com.

We’ll remember Tumblr for what its brought to this creative game, log in and tell us what’s in your Tumblr likes!

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