FOUND FOTO: post birthday party in VEGAS at my sweet suite at THE WYNN

found this photo and it made me laugh. this photo was taken in APRIL 2008 after my birthday party at THE WYNN’s BLUSH LOUNGE. after the party, we ran to my amazing suite and i jumped out of my MARC JACOBS dress (thanks JOEY) and gotten into my manly sleepwear (which consists of BAPE boxers and a PEGLEG tshirt).

SAMANTHA and CHRIS JULIAN brought out the FRUITION CREW. we look nuts! we were all really out of it-clearly, and i started taking everyone’s polaroids. RAUL looks like a porn star (as usual), ELLE looks so funny and OSCAR isn’t in it because he was taking the photo.


PEEP THE SUITE! they gave us all our own rooms, and i got this insane room. it was so amazing, but kind of scary to be in at night all alone since it was so massive! as soon as i walked into the room i lost my mind just like the poor kid i am because “i ain’t never had nuttin nice”. me and ELLE had to give a tour…

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